Over 60% urban Indian women at risk of diabetes, says survey

Lack of physical activity is linked to an increased risk of diabetes.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 14th, 2017

Indian women are at higher risk of death due to domestic violence than US

Women in India are nearly 40 times likely to die after being assaulted than their peers in US.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardSep 3rd, 2017

Indian banks most at risk among S-E Asian peers: Survey

Moody's polled 210 market participants on some of the industry's most pressing credit issues.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardJul 26th, 2017

Hot weather may increase diabetes risk during pregnancy: Study

For every 10 degree rise in temperature, women are 6-9% likely to develop gestational diabetes.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardMay 15th, 2017

‘Working mothers avoid a second child’

An ASSOCHAM survey finds around 35% urban women prefer a single child.....»»

Category: topSource: thehindubusinesslineMay 12th, 2017

Survey: Only 5% Indian women have sole control over choosing their husbands

Overall, 73% of the women surveyed reported their parents or relatives alone chose their husbands.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardFeb 12th, 2017

Low on Vitamin B12 during pregnancy ups diabetes risk for babies

Deficiency of vitamin B12 in mothers during pregnancy may put their child at greater risk of metabolic problems such as type-2 diabetes, scientists including those of Indian origin have warned. Res........»»

Category: topSource: thehindubusinesslineNov 7th, 2016

50% of Indian women stay home or get married by 22; 3 of 4 men head to work

India's female labour force participation rate, at 24%, was below the world average of 39% in 2016, according to World Bank data.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 17th, 2017

Half of India lacks basic sanitation; 1 in 3 can"t acess a toilet globally

If Indian women who don't have access to such facilities stand in a queue, it would stretch around the earth 4 times.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 16th, 2017

PM Modi is still the most popular figure in Indian politics: Pew Survey

According to Pew, at least nine-in-ten Indians in the southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana and in the western states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh hold a f.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 15th, 2017

Half of India had no access to basic sanitation requirements

If Indian women who don't have access to such facilities stand in a queue, it would stretch around the earth 4 times, said the State of the World's Toilets 2017.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 15th, 2017

Investor exuberance could be the biggest risk facing financial markets

Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer / Getty Images A survey finds that investo.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderNov 15th, 2017

UP civil polls: BJP woos voters with free Wi-Fi, pink toilets for women

As many as 652 urban local bodies across the state are going to polls, which is the highest number so far, said Yogi Adityanath.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 12th, 2017

Realty sentiment plummets to 39-month low in Q3 2017

Indian real estate sector’s future sentiment plummeted to 39-month low in June-September 2017 indicating a significant decline in optimism pertaining to its future performance, a recent survey said......»»

Category: topSource: thehindubusinesslineNov 7th, 2017

51% of Indian women are anaemic, reveals Global Nutrition Report

According to the new reports, India comes at the bottom of the table with 51% women impacted with anaemia, maximum in the world.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 7th, 2017

One year of demonetisation: MSME sector is struggling for revival

The lower participation of workers was also captured by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) in its survey.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 6th, 2017

Hockey: Indian women beat China to win Asia Cup, qualify for World Cup

It was 1-1 at full time after China found a late equaliser through Tiantian Luo, who converted a penalty corner in the 47th minute.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 5th, 2017

Around the world in 8 months: Indian Navy"s all-women crew leaves Australia

Vice Admiral Barrett handed over a personal message from Australian Minister for Defence Marise Payne for the crew.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 5th, 2017

Sexual Harassment Is Becoming a Serious Investment Risk

As more women speak out, shareholders are starting to pay attention......»»

Category: topSource: barronsNov 3rd, 2017

Asian Infra Bank to invest $1 billion in Indian projects

A $500-million investment in line four of metro rail and $600 million in sub-urban rail projects in Mumbai.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 3rd, 2017

An urban guide to surviving the winter pollution

Pollution at severe levels in major cities is putting lives at risk. What can you do to protect yourself?.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardNov 3rd, 2017