Psychologists debunk 25 mental-health myths

Business Insider asked three clinical psychologists to debunk TK of the most common myths about mental health and therapy.  They explain that schizophrenia is not having multiple personalities, but experiencing a break with reality, and.....»»

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Social Media Addiction Is a Real Disease, U.K. Lawmakers Say—And Facebook and Google Must Be Taxed for It

Call it a mental health tax. For the last few years, some psychologists have been warning of the dangers of social media addiction--a phenomenon that whistleblowers from within tech industry say has been deliberately foster.....»»

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3 Types of Burnout, According to Psychologists (and Signs You"re Headed For Trouble) 

Psychology says theres are three different types of burn out that affect mental, emotional, and physical health......»»

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Reboot Wellness offers effective help for a range of mental health issues

The centre aims to help people get over the stigma associated with mental illnesses by providing sessions with psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors in a non-hospital environment.....»»

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4,000 Kaiser mental health workers will strike Monday

Four thousand Kaiser mental health workers across California will go on strike Monday for five days, highlighting an unresolved labor issue for the health giant even after it agreed a new contract with other portions of its workforce. Kaiser has be.....»»

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Nearly half of influencers think their job impacts their mental health, from body image to facing scrutiny of their integrity and work ethic

KELLY WANG / Getty Images Nearly half of influencers have said their work affects their mental health, according to new research from 350 influencers were asked about their jobs and lifestyles, and 47% felt that working as an influe.....»»

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4 reasons why you should never refuse to take someone"s business card that I learned the hard way

Courtesy of Jessica Mendez Jessica Mendez is a writer living in Las Vegas. She received her master's degree in psychology and worked in the mental health fiel.....»»

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HabitAware awarded $225K grant from National Science Foundation

Minneapolis mental health startup HabitAware has been awarded a grant for just under $225,000 from a division of the National Science Foundation to continue the development of Keen, a bracelet intended to stop body-focused repetitive behaviors. Habit.....»»

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Goodwin’s Pisa sees mental health as legal industry’s biggest problem

Law firm leaders will face challenges aplenty in 2020, Goodwin partner Regina Pisa told a lunchtime crowd of managing partners in the Seaport District on Friday, including industry consolidation, talent retention, and keeping pace with technology cha.....»»

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350 health professionals are to warn Congress that Trump"s mental health is deteriorating dangerously amid impeachment proceedings

A petition signed by 350 psychiatrists and other mental health professionals is to be submitted to Congress Thursday, warning that P.....»»

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Health care giant funds mental health therapists in East Bay schools

Oakland-based Blue Shield is bankrolling a $10 million program to put more mental health counselors in nine East Bay schools, stepping up its philanthropic efforts in the area after moving its headquarters there. Blue Shield announced the five-ye.....»»

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How Flexible Work Can Help Support Your Employees" Mental Health

Businesses should shift their thinking about what it means to care for their people.....»»

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A decline in mental health is having the same effect on millennials that the Vietnam War and the AIDS epidemic did on past generations, new report says

Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images Millennials are e.....»»

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Instagram"s decision to remove likes could help mend some of the mental health damage caused by the competitive social media influencer industry

Alyssa Kulani / Instagram Instagram is going to start removing likes for users worldwide. The company has already trialled hidden likes in seven countries: Australia, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand. Marie Mostad.....»»

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Honor, courage & commitment: This young Orlando exec is a leading voice for mental health support

He's been praised for creating a safe, nonjudgmental and understanding space for clients......»»

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7 things mental health experts wish everyone knew about therapy

Getty Images There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding ther.....»»

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Americans are increasingly going out of network for mental health coverage

‘The study’s findings are beyond disappointing and disturbing.’.....»»

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One more reason to delete Facebook that has nothing to do with privacy or mental health

New research appears to validate what many parents and educators have long suspected......»»

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Some of the jobs most at risk for suicide and depression are the most important to society. Here"s a rundown of mental-health risks for doctors, childcare workers, first responders, and more.

BSIP/ Getty If you have a stressful job, your career can negatively impact your mental health. Nine professions stand out for their impact on mental health: veterinarians, e.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderNov 14th, 2019

American millennials are on track to die faster than Gen X, thanks to climbing rates of depression and "deaths of despair"

Radu Bighian/EyeEm/Getty Images American millennials are seeing their physical and mental health decline at a faster rate than Gen X did as they age, according to a new Blue Cross Blue Shield report. Without proper managemen.....»»

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Mental health startup opens first S.F. office, plans several more

San Francisco-based behavioral health practice Octave recently opened its first office in the city on Market Street in the Financial District, and it looks straight out of a West Elm catalog. A dozen or so golden light fixtures with hanging white .....»»

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