PundiX’s Blockchain Phone Is Now Called BOB and Its Coming Soon

The now-modular blockchain phone from PundiX, in the works for a year now, has been on show at the IFA 2019 event in Berlin......»»

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HTC’s Blockchain Phone Now Supports Bitcoin Cash

Native support for bitcoin cash is coming to HTC's blockchain phone via a partnership with»»

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City of Denver to Pilot Blockchain Voting App in Coming Elections

The U.S. city of Denver plans to utilize a blockchain system from a firm called Voatz to store and track votes in its May municipal elections......»»

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Critics are slamming the new iMessage-like feature coming soon to all Android phones for not being secure

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider A new feature called "Chat" will soon be deployed across every Android phone, as it will be automatically turned on within the default "Messages" app. Chat is not a Google service, although Google did help make........»»

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HTC’s blockchain-powered phone is a risky bet that needs to pay off

In May, HTC first announced that it was working on a blockchain-powered smartphone called the Exodus. The news came........»»

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Haney seeks public hearing on Treasure Island"s cleanup

San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney on Tuesday called for a hearing on the toxic cleanup of Treasure Island, where a massive redevelopment effort will get begin in the coming years. At a hearing Tuesday, Haney, D-District 6, said he wants to addre.....»»

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Galaxy Z Flip review: 24 hours with Samsung"s new foldable phone

Coming fresh off the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is out with a new $,1380 folding phone the Galaxy Z Flip. How this.....»»

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Dollar General’s DGX store coming to Clayton

A new Dollar General store is coming to Clayton, but it’s not your typical dollar store. It’s called DGX, where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables, pet supplies, paper products, home cleaning supplies, health and beauty products, home d.....»»

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Samsung is rumored to release a new foldable smartphone in 2020, and the leaks suggest it"ll be better than the new Motorola Razr

Evan Blass/@Evleaks A lot of details surrounding Samsung's second foldable smartphone were recently leaked. The new phone is supposedly called the Galaxy Z Flip, and it'll have a 1,.....»»

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Swiss Company Gets Green Light to Incorporate for a Blockchain IPO

In what's being called a first for Switzerland, a company has been allowed to incorporate for an IPO offering of tokenized shares on a blockchain......»»

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White House breaks silence on Jeff Bezos phone-hacking scandal, calls Saudi Arabia an "important ally" (AMZN)

Mark Wilson/Getty Images The White House broke its silence Thursday on reports that Saudia Arabia was likely behind the hacking of Jeff Bezos' phone. The White House called Saudi Arabia an "important ally" and said.....»»

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How to send money through Google Pay using your iPhone or Android

Vladimka production/Shutterstock You can send money through Google Pay to anyone who has an email address and phone number.  Google Pay, formerly called Google Wallet, makes it easy to send money to friends, make payments in stores, or buy thing.....»»

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Saudi Arabia denies hacking Jeff Bezos" phone

Saudi Arabia denied it was responsible for a cyberattack against Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and called for a .....»»

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UN calls for investigation into Saudi crown prince over reports of hacking Jeff Bezos" phone (AMZN)

Bandar Algaloud/Saudi Royal Court/Reuters UN investigators have called for an "immediate i.....»»

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Notes From the WEF: The Coming Battle Between Surveilled and Private Money

Most Davos experts appear to agree that blockchain technology is best for data collection rather than self-sovereign finance......»»

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Saudi Arabia denied hacking into Jeff Bezos" phone and called for an investigation into the "absurd" claims

REUTERS/Amir Levy Saudi Arabia has denied hacking Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' phone, describing the claim as 'absurd." Saudi Arabia's US embassy called via Twitter on Wednesday for 'an investigation on thes.....»»

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SEC Charges Blockchain Marketplace Opporty Over ‘Fraudulent’ $600,000 ICO

The firm is alleged to have conducted a fraudulent and unregistered sale of digital assets called OPP Tokens, raising around $600,000......»»

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Google is expected to launch a cheaper version of its Pixel 4 smartphone this year — here"s everything we know about it so far (GOOG, GOOGL)

Crystal Cox/Business Insider Google is rumored to be working on a new phone called the Pixel 4a, which would be a low-cost version of the Pixel 4. It would come after Google rele.....»»

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Fake News on Steroids: Deepfakes Are Coming – Are World Leaders Prepared?

What 2018 and 2019 were to blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the WEF stage (met with a healthy mix of intrigue and skepticism), 2020 will be to synthetic media, also known by the ominous-sounding euphemism “deepfakes.”.....»»

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Mobile Phone Retailer Joins China’s Blockchain Land Grab With US Company Investment

One of the largest smartphone retailers in China is stepping into the blockchain world by investing in U.S.-based startup Monsoon. Sources said the stake was sold at a nine-digit valuation......»»

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Leaked images suggest Samsung"s next flagship phone will be the Galaxy S20 with 4 cameras and no Bixby button

XDA Developers Pictures of Samsung's next flagship smartphone appear to have been leaked to phone news site XDA Developers. The pictures show the phone will be called the "Galaxy S20," features at least four camera lenses, and doesn't feature a dedicat.....»»

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