Residents "Crying And Screaming" After False "ICBM Threat" Alert Rattles Hawaii; Gabbard Slams Trump

Update 2: More details are coming out surrounding just how this terrifying false alert impacted Hawaii's citizens.   NBC News reports that the ballistic missile threat left people "crying and screaming" in Hawaii on Saturday, the state's .....»»

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Hawaii Governor"s Stunning Reason For Delaying ICBM Threat "False Alert" Message

Wondering why it took 'officials' so long to calm the citizens of Hawaii last weekend when an ICBM .....»»

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Shocking Video Shows Kid Placed In Storm Drain During Hawaii"s False ICBM Warning

Not only did yesterday's stunning false alarm warning of inbound ballistic missiles leave Hawaiians "crying and screaming", it caused some parents to resort to hiding their ch.....»»

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Hawaii Worker Who Sent False Missile Alert Was "100 Percent Sure" It Was Real

The former Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee was devastated to find out about his mistake, which sent Hawaii residents into a panic expecting an incoming nuclear missile......»»

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Watch A Sitting Congresswoman Shred The MSM Narrative In Under A Minute

Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard appeared on multiple Sunday news shows a day after her state's false ICBM emergency alert sent the islands into a tense 40 minutes of panic before it w.....»»

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Trump Thinks It"s "Terrific" Hawaii Took Responsibility for the False Missile Alert

“Maybe, eventually, we'll solve the problem so [people] won't have to be so on edge," the president added......»»

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Trump Must Meet With Kim Jong Un After Missile Strike False Alarm, Hawaii Rep. Says

"I've been calling on President Trump to directly negotiate with North Korea, to sit across the table from Kim Jong Un," Representative Tulsi Gabbard said......»»

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Trump Stays Silent on Hawaii Missile Alert, Retweets Conspiracy Theorist and Attacks Michael Wolff Instead

Trump has been criticized for his silence on the incident which saw a false incoming missile alert issued by officials in Hawaii......»»

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Panic abounds as false missile alert unnerves Hawaii residents, tourists

Hawaii Governor David Ige said 'human error' caused the alert to go out.....»»

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The Wall Street Journal: Hawaii officials stir panic with ‘false alarm’ about missile threat

An emergency alert sent to Hawaiians on Saturday warning that a “ballistic missile threat” was “inbound to Hawaii” was a false alarm, according to the state’s Office of Emergency Management......»»

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White House says false ballistic missile threat was "purely a state exercise" in Hawaii

An emergency alert went out Saturday morning warning Hawaii of an incoming ballistic missile threat. The alert turned out to be a false alarm. As state officials quickly worked to address the mistake, the White House released a statement in which it appea.....»»

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Video shows the horrifying moment when a false ballistic missile threat alert interrupted a soccer game on TV in Hawaii

Michael Hight/US Navy via Getty People in Hawaii woke up to a frightening emergency alert Saturday morning which warned of an impending missile targeting the state. It was a false alarm.   The aler.....»»

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Hawaii Missile Threat Alert Was a False Alarm, Officials Say

There’s no missile headed for Hawaii. Alerts advising Hawaiians to "seek immediate shelt.....»»

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Hawaii receives "false alarm" about ballistic-missile threat that sends residents scrambling for shelter

A scary mess.....»»

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Fired Hawaii Worker Who Sent False Missile Alert Had Mistaken Drills For Real-Life Events Before

Colleagues were uncomfortable working with the employee who sent the false warning to thousands of people......»»

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Hawaii employee who sent false missile alert fired; top official resigns

Hawaiian Governor David Ige admitted that there was a delay in notifying the public about the false missile alert earlier this month.....»»

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The false-alarm missile alert in Hawaii was much more of a disaster than previously thought

Thomson Reuters The Hawaii employee responsible for transmitting an emergency alert falsely warning of a ballistic missile earlier in January has been fired. The employee .....»»

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Employee Who Sent False Hawaii Ballistic Missile Alert Has Been Fired

Update: Following the publication of an FCC report on the Hawaii ballistic missile false alarm, the as-yet-unnamed employee has finally been fired. In the days after the epic mistake, the employee was transferred to another departme.....»»

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Hawaii Employee Who Sent False Missile Alert Thought Attack Was Real

In an interesting twist to the story of the erroneous ballistic missile alert that sent Hawaiians into state of frenzied panic earlier this month after it materialized on their smartphone s.....»»

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Hawaii worker who sent false missile alarm thought the threat was real, FCC says

The Federal Communications Commission said on Tuesday that the Hawaii public employee who sent a message to everyone in the state warning of a b.....»»

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Hawaii"s false missile alert sent by worker who thought attack on U.S. was imminent, FCC says

Hawaii"s false missile alert sent by worker who thought attack on U.S. was imminent, FCC says.....»»

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