Robert Shiller: Bitcoin Craze Is More Psychological Than Economic

Bitcoin is coming off one of its best one-day performances of the year, but one Nobel Prize-winning economist sees the crypt.....»»

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Project Syndicate: If everyone invested like John Bogle, markets couldn’t work right

If everyone followed Bogle’s investment strategy, market prices would turn into nonsense and would provide no direction to economic activity, writes Robert Shiller.......»»

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Robert Shiller On Bogle, Economic Impact Of The Partial Government Shutdown

Yale economics professor Robert Shiller on the death of Vanguard Fou.....»»

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Robert Shiller Says Bitcoin Is A ‘Remarkable Social Phenomenon’

Bitcoin is a social movement whose.....»»

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Robert Shiller Says Bitcoin Is A ‘Social Movement’

Robert Shiller, a Nobel prize-winning economist, talked about Bitcoin and the implications it has on the economy. During an interview with Bloomberg dated on June the 26th, the economist says that Bitcoin is a ‘social movement’ and an epidemic of.....»»

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Robert Shiller: Bitcoin May Not Be Around In 2028; Says Students Were Trading Cryptos During Finals

Bitcoin may not be around when your kids get older, says famed thinker and Nobel Laureate Economist Rober.....»»

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Project Syndicate: Bitcoin isn’t the first revolutionary currency

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are merely the latest example of movements to reinvent money, writes Robert Shiller......»»

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Bitcoin resembles currency experiments that failed: Robert Shiller

Nobel economist links appeal of cryptocurrencies to their mysteriousness......»»

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Robert Shiller: Greater Than Average Chance Of Recession In Next 18 Months

Nobel Prize winning economist.....»»

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Bitcoin: USD/BTC (BTC=X) raised the odds of a rally to the psychological hurdle of $4,000

Bitcoin: USD/BTC (BTC=X) raised the odds of a rally to the psychological hurdle of $4,000 With bitcoin’s (BTC) quick reversal of the losses seen on Monday, the technical charts are again pointing to a rally to $4,000. The l.....»»

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Shiller: Public Debt Worries Could Eventually Offset The Trump Effect

Yale’s Robert Shiller warns public debt worries could eventually offset the Trump effect. “A lot of people have that on their mind, and they think it’s got to turn soon. I’m kind of with that. You know, if people think.....»»

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Economic Report: Home price gains slump to a fresh 4-year low, Case-Shiller says

Annual home price appreciation was the slowest in more than four years, a reminder of the big question for the housing market writ large......»»

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Shiller: Biggest Housing Boom Since 1890; U.S. Due For Recession

Nobel laureate Robert Shiller, Yale University professor of economics, discusses Federal Reserve monetary policy and the state of the U.S. economy with Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal, Romaine Bostick and Caroline Hyde on “Bloomberg Markets: Wha.....»»

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Economic Report: Home prices grow even more slowly and the West is (partially) dethroned, Case-Shiller says

Annual gains in home prices were the slowest in more than four years, a reminder of the big question for the housing market writ large......»»

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Niall Ferguson Says Bitcoin Is "An Option On Digital Gold"

Authored by Helen Partz via Niall Ferguson, British economic and financial historian, believes that Bitcoin (BTC) is “an option an digital gold,” as he said in a interview with a blockchain magazine.....»»

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After Meeting With US Delegation, Xi Hints That China Won"t Budge On Economic Reforms

In brief remarks to the press following his meeting Friday with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Trade Rep Robert Lighthizer, President Xi affirmed that tra.....»»

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Security Tokens Are the New Crypto – But You Probably Can’t Afford Them

It was only last year that startups launching new digital currencies were raising ever larger sums through initial coin offerings, giving investors who hadn’t bought Bitcoin when it was cheap a chance to get in on the crypto craze. Then the main.....»»

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SEC Commissioner Says Bitcoin ETF Will Be Approved ‘Eventually’

A U.S. SEC commissioner, Robert J. Jackson Jr. has said he believes a bitcoin exchange-traded fund will ultimately be approved......»»

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Robert Shiller: Lessons In Economics From Samuelson’s Textbook

Nobel Laureate Robert J. Shiller is Sterling Professor of .....»»

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Economic Report: Home price growth skids to a 4-year low, Case-Shiller says

Home prices rose at the slowest annual pace since 2015 as more headwinds rocked the housing market and some beaten-down metros benefitted from a big bounce......»»

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Shiller: Elizabeth Warren Harmed Her Chances By Calling For Higher Taxes

Yale University Professor Robert Shiller said the proposed “wealth tax” by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) is probably a non-starter and could hurt her chances. “Their .....»»

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