Samsung ditches headphone jack on Galaxy Note 10, Verge says

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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FCC photos confirm Galaxy Note 10 won’t have a headphone jack

After years of resisting the trend, Samsung is ditching the 3.5mm jack.....»»

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Samsung May Eventually Retain Headphone Jack In Galaxy Note 10

Samsung has long been rumored to ditch the headphone jack in the Galaxy Note 10. Even a recent rep.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy S11 Headphone Jack Is Probably A Goner

Samsung has been one of the last hold-outs on the 3.5mm headphone jack, but rumors suggest the Note 10 will ditch it. Thus, it stands to reason that the Galaxy S11 headphone jack will be gone too. Those who .....»»

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Finally Ditch The 3.5mm Audio Jack

Samsung went to great lengths to mock Apple when it removed the 3.5mm headphone jack fro.....»»

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Galaxy A8s Gets Hole-punch Display But Ditches Headphone Jack

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy A8s in China on Monday. This special Sams.....»»

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Samsung looks to go bigger than ever with Note 9

Korean giant makes one last stab at enticing consumers with a large mega-phone that's bigger than an iPhone, and has features like headphone jack and e.....»»

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Samsung goes bigger than ever with Galaxy Note9

Korean giant makes one last stab at enticing consumers with a large mega-phone that's bigger than an iPhone, and has features like headphone jack and e.....»»

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Will the Galaxy S10 have a headphone jack, or will Samsung kill it?

Samsung just recently unveiled the one of the last phones it will release before the Galaxy S10 hits store shelves next year. .....»»

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the few major smartphones you can still buy with a headphone jack

Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider Samsung's Galaxy S10 includes a standard headphone jack, which has become increasi.....»»

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Samsung insider teases blazing-fast charging speeds for the Galaxy Note 10+

Aside from the screen and battery size differences, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ will have identical specs, but the more expensive model might also get something no other Samsung phone has: Faster wired and wireless charging. .....»»

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Pixel 4 might be even more powerful than Galaxy Note 10

Each year brings us faster and faster phones, with Apple's newest iPhone leading the charge. The most recent A-series chip is always faster than whatever processors Qualcomm, Samsung, and Huawei manufacture for their latest Android flagships. .....»»

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Galaxy Note 10 Photos Pop Up On The Web Giving Us More Details

A report from Redmond Pie states that Samsung’s next generation flagship phone has been spotted in images on the web. The all.....»»

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Galaxy Note 10 image leaks spoil Samsung"s party

So much for Samsung maintaining even the slightest bit of secrecy around the Galaxy Note 10 ahead of its August 7th debut......»»

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Samsung"s new smartphone designs unlike anything we"ve seen

For a few months now, a prominent Samsung insider teased smartphone designs unlike anything we've seen before, prompting us to wonder whether he was teasing the Galaxy Note 10 or something else. We kn.....»»

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Official Launch Date: Galaxy Note 10 Unpacked Event To Be Held On Aug 7

Samsung has now officially confirmed what the rumor mill told us several weeks ago. The Korean electronics heavyweight is going to unveil its next-.....»»

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Samsung teases Galaxy Note 10 event

It’s S Pen season.....»»

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Leaked Galaxy Note 10 Case Renders Confirm Key Design Changes

Samsung is rumored to unveil the much-awaited Galaxy Note 10 fla.....»»

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Galaxy Note 10 Mirror Screen Feature Will Send Display To PC

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is believed to be coming to stores in August. The hype surrounding Samsung’s flagship phone is beginning to grow as the rumored launch date gets cl.....»»

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Forget the Galaxy Note 10: Samsung is making a more affordable 5G phone

The Galaxy Note 10 is launching soon, complete with a brand new design and a few novel features, but this Samsung flagship will be at least as expensive as the Galaxy S10 series that launched earlier this year......»»

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Galaxy Note 10 Tesla Edition Is Just A Render, Samsung Is Not Building It

A render appeared on Weibo in a post that claimed the image was a legitim.....»»

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