Civil Asset Forfeiture: Another Stealth Tax

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute, When you're a government agency, asking for a tax increase is always a hassle.  For the most part, taxpayers don'.....»»

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Trump Won"t Lead On Civil Asset Forfeiture, So Congress Will Have To Push Him

President Trump has indicated that he's inclined to side with police on civil ass.....»»

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Civil Asset Forfeiture - Ruining Lives, While Failing To Stop Crime

Submitted by Duane via Free Market Shooter blog, Yesterday, President Trump met with the N.....»»

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Ohio Leads The Way For Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform In 2017

It’s a little over a week into 2017 and Ohio is already leading the way on civil asset forfeiture reform. On January 4th, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed legislation that wou.....»»

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Ohio Now Requires Criminal Convictions For Many Civil Forfeiture Cases

Under the legislation, HB 347, Ohio will set a new threshold for civil forfeiture. To forfeit properties valued at under $15,000, the government must first convi.....»»

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Sessions Has No Problem With Civil Asset Forfeiture -- And That"s A Problem

Trump's nominee for Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions, has some tro.....»»

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One Way Trump Can Show He"s "President Of All The People"

Civil asset forfeiture law causes widespread injustice in America, hitting particularly hard at people in minority communities and the poor. There is bipartisan support for major reforms and Trump can show that he's serious about wanting to help all Ameri.....»»

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Does Criminal Intent Matter Anymore?

For those committed to criminal justice reform, issues like mandatory minimums, skyrocketing prison populations, and civil asset forfeiture are the most commonly addressed subcategories. However, there is one topic that often gets left behind: Criminal in.....»»

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–8 Questions With Kevin Holloway

'I work for a government contractor specializing in asset forfeiture investigations. In some ways it is quite similar to the process of investing'Check out Bill Nygren Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Bill Nygren (Updated on –.....»»

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Justice Delayed Means City Can Continue Ripping Off Innocent People

Even though state law has clamped down on civil asset forfeiture, Albuquerque continues using it while fighting a battle in court. The first suit to force the city to obey was dismissed but now a new case has been brought with a plaintiff who undeniably h.....»»

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Why YouTube is accelerating its AI efforts

Google’s YouTube is accelerating its artificial intelligence (AI) efforts to target hate speech. Earlier this week, the company said it is working with government, law enforcement and civil society groups to tackle the problem of violent extremism.....»»

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CEOs Say They"ll Sell Health Insurance Next Year, But Are Flying Blind

Health insurers have to let the government know Wednesday if they'll be selling policies on the federal exchange next year. But Congress has yet to tell them what those policies will cover......»»

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U.S. Says It Shot Down Syrian Aircraft

It is the first time in Syria’s civil war that a U.S. pilot has brought down a Syrian government jet, signaling an increased willingness by Washington to directly challenge President Bashar al-Assad......»»

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Pat Buchanan Asks "Are We Nearing Civil War?"

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via, President Trump may be chief of state, head of government and commander in chief, but his administration is shot through with disloyalists plotting to bring him down. We are approachi.....»»

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Numbers Don"t Matter In Hyperinflation - Welcome To A World Of Broke Millionaires

Authored by Alex Deluce via, For decades citizenry has been fooled to participate in a paper scam (government fiat). It’s a ticking time bomb before the majority realizes that their currency (that .....»»

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Labor"s Acosta to defend Trump plan to cut anti-bias office

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, the son of Cuban immigrants and the only Latino in President Donald Trump's Cabinet, is defending a White House spending plan that would cut the government's policing of workforce civil rights laws......»»

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The Next Recession May Be A Complete Reset Of All Asset Valuations

Sometime this year, world public and private plus unfunded pensions will surpass $300 trillion. That is not even counting the $100 trillion in US government unfunded liabilities. Oops. These obligations cannot be paid. A time is coming when the m.....»»

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UPSC results: Karnataka"s Nandini K R tops civil services exam in 2016

1,099 candidates have been recommended for various government services.....»»

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Modi govt"s transport plan for India: From "hawai chappal" to "hawai jahaj"

"Hawai chappal wale ko hawai jahaj main bithana hain (those wearing bathroom slippers have to be taken in an aeroplane)"< says Jayant Sinha, minister of state for civil aviation, on the government's intent to make flying afford.....»»

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Three years of Modi govt: Transport sees much needed policy change

"Hawai chappal wale ko hawai jahaj main bithana hain (those wearing bathroom slippers have to be taken in an aeroplane)"< says Jayant Sinha, minister of state for civil aviation, on the government's intent to make flying afford.....»»

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