Stephen Hawking Bridged Science and Popular Culture

Physicist Stephen Hawking, who made complicated concepts like black holes, time and the history of the cosmos accessible to the masses, has died at the age of 76......»»

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Stephen Hawking was my real-life Time Lord: Remembering the genius who inspired countless humans on this rock drifting through space

Getty Images Stephen Hawking died in his home in Cambridge at age 76 on March 14, 2018. The physicist pioneered new ways of understanding black holes and the universe. His popular-science books — especially.....»»

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Long Before Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins, Thomas Browne Made Science Popular

Who would win in a fight, a toad or a spider?.....»»

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Stephen Hawking Remembered: Science Luminaries Reflect on Physics Legend

Hawking was revered as much by other scientists as he was by the general public......»»

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Stephen Hawking Loved China, And China Loved Him Right Back

"I like Chinese culture, Chinese food and above all Chinese women. They are beautiful," Hawking once said......»»

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Stephen Hawking Once Gave England"s Soccer Team a Pre-World Cup Formula For Winning

“As we say in science, England couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.”.....»»

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Stephen Hawking was rumored to run over the toes of people he didn"t like with his wheelchair

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Stephen Hawking was a legendary physicist, science communicator, and pub.....»»

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UFO? Asteroid? Science Isn"t Sure What This Strange Interstellar Visitor Is (But We May Soon Find Out)

While some businesspeople want to mine asteroids for their valuable minerals, Stephen Hawking and other scientists are busy looking for signs of life......»»

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Stephen Hawking Uses Super Computer To Understand Black Holes And Big Bang

Black Holes have always been shrouded in mystery. They’re constantly pulling in their surroundings and no one knows where they lead, and the science between .....»»

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Stephen Hawking Picks Neil deGrasse Tyson and "The Big Bang Theory" for Science Communication Awards

“Bringing science to the people brings people into science. This matters to me, to you, to the world as a whole," Hawking has said of the award......»»

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NASA has a solution for the Stephen Hawking-backed mission to send tiny spaceships to a planet that might harbor life

A mission to Alpha Centauri backed by Stephen Hawking has been generating a lot of buzz. Not all of the kinks are worked out, however. NASA and Korea Institute of Science and Technology have a plan to keep the tiny spacecraft alive as it sails throug.....»»

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Stephen Hawking Is Right But Also Wrong About Obesity

This is why obesity is not rocket science, but not for the reasons Stephen Hawking says. This is why obesity is not rocket science, but not for the reasons Stephen Hawking says......»»

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15 of the most remarkable and memorable things Stephen Hawking ever said

Getty Imag.....»»

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"Russia Did It!"

Authored by Chris Martenson via, This past week saw an enormous outpouring of respect and admiration for Stephen Hawking upon his passing. In contrast to his frail health .....»»

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Stephen Hawking Tribute

Stephen Hawking Tribute.....»»

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Stephen Hawking said Vedic theory superior to Einstein"s e=mc^2: Minister

Vardhan, who is an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) specialist by qualification, told reporters that could get back to him in Delhi if they failed in their research.....»»

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Stephen Hawking - Doomsday Prophet"s Top Five Predictions

Via, Stephen Hawk.....»»

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I Was a Student of Stephen Hawking: Here"s What He Taught Me

Marika Taylor, a professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Southampton, reminisces about her time spent studying under the late Stephen Hawking......»»

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Hawking said relativity theory in Vedas superior to Einstein"s: Science Min

Asked to disclose the source to buttress his claim, Vardhan told reporters to find the source themselves.....»»

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4 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from the Amazing Life of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was undoubtedly a genius and we can all learn a thing or two (or four, in this case) from him......»»

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Stephen Hawking Used Humor and 8th Grade Words to Capture Our Attention. You Should, Too

Stephen Hawking was a brilliant mind and a brilliant communicator......»»

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