Taxes and Value

Every decade or two, the .....»»

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Why the British soda tax might work better than any of the soda taxes that came before

The great British soda tax doesn't begin .....»»

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Homebuyers are not bothered by higher rates or taxes, but sellers are

A critical shortage of listings is the top obstacle, not rising mortgage rates or new tax laws that reduce cer.....»»

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Which countries will dodge tariff ax? Answer by end of April

America's top trade negotiator says the Trump administration will decide by the end of April which countries will be spared from steep taxes on steel and aluminum imports......»»

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New dotcom taxes mean Facebook"s EU woes may grow

The European Commission has proposed new taxes on the largest multinational Internet companies perceived to avoid paying their fair share. It would be another blow to Facebook in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica leak......»»

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You can still cut your taxes with these retirement accounts

It's not to late to lower your taxable income for last year if you have one of these retirement savings plans.....»»

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Comparing income taxes: How much you really need to earn to take home $100,000

To clear six figures in take-home cash, GOBankingRates determined the exact .....»»

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Tech Giants Face Hundreds of Millions in New Taxes Under EU Proposals

The European Union unveiled sweeping new legislative proposals to raise taxes on big technology companies, a move that risks angering U.S. officials when trans-Atlantic relations are already strained by an escalating trade spat......»»

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The EU wants to raise taxes for giant tech companies in Europe

Drew Angerer/Getty Images The European Commissi.....»»

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Europe Just Dropped a Major Tax Bombshell to Get U.S. Tech Giants to Pay Up

The proposal taxes revenues rather than profits. The European Commission wants to see big tech firms pay a 3% tax on some of their r.....»»

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Why the British soda tax might work better than any of the soda taxes that came before

Why the British soda tax might work better than any of the soda taxes that came before.....»»

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Silicon Valley faces sweeping new taxes in Europe

The European Commission proposed sweeping new taxes on Wednesday that would drastically change how and where big digital companies are taxed......»»

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Retailers don’t want to be Baker’s $1B ‘guinea pig,’ group says

The Retailers Association of Massachusetts is opposing a proposal to require retailers to hand over sales taxes on certain purchases to the state daily, rather than monthly......»»

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FedEx says the benefits of Tax Reform will be offset by taxes due to tariffs

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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A new quagmire for quarterly U.S. taxpayers

If you pay quarterly U.S. taxes, the April IRS deadline is a double whammy - you have to file your 2017 return and you have to pay the first portion of your taxes due for the current year......»»

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3 tax preparation tools to tame your taxes

Read full story for latest details......»»

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Why Tech Giants May Have to Pay More Taxes in Europe: QuickTake

Why Tech Giants May Have to Pay More Taxes in Europe: QuickTake.....»»

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Vermont resort for "Bachelor Winter Games" ordered to close

A private Vermont ski resort that was the setting for ABC's "The Bachelor Winter Games" has been shut down for failing to pay taxes......»»

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States With the Highest and Lowest Sales Taxes

On or before April 17, millions of Americans will file their income, property, and other taxes. Not included in the filings are sales taxes, but many Americans pay thousands of dollars each year in........»»

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This is the best way to do your taxes online — according to experts

Getty Images This year, Tax Day falls on April 17. .....»»

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Fed up with housing and taxes, Californians flee the state

More Californians are moving from the Golden State, particularly lower-income residents, although even middle-class residents are saying goodbye, according to experts......»»

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