The Surprising Way The Bond Market Matters For Stocks

The Surprising Way The Bond Market Matters For Stocks.....»»

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Bond vigilantes are taking matters into their own hands

Getty ImagesThe election of Donald Trump was a shock to most people. And to many investors in recent weeks, market reaction has been even more surprising. It’s been good for stock markets, with the MSCI World – a global markets index – u.....»»

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Why Investors Got Skittish About Junk Bond ETFs

High-yield corporate bond exchange traded funds sold off last week, but some bond market observers believe the sudden retrenchment in junk bond market wasn't surprising. read more.....»»

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Caroline Baum: Bonds are from Venus; stocks are from Mars

On the planet Mars, the stock market is overflowing with optimism. Over on planet Venus, the bond market will have none of it. By Caroline Baum.....»»

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Banking stocks, dollar hit by U.S. doubts

LONDON (Reuters) - Banking stocks dropped and the dollar slipped on Wednesday as doubts over tax cuts and bond market moves hurt profitability and raised questions over the longevity of the current expansion in the United States......»»

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Yield Curve Crushed To 10 Year Lows As Stocks Signal Trump-Tax-Plan Won"t Pass

The bond market's reaction to the Trump Tax Plan...   Bonds and Bullion were immediately bid and stocks and the dollar sank on the Trump Tax plan release - but as Europe closed, gold was 'managed' .....»»

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Homebuilders Hammered As Trump Tax Plan Sends Stocks, Dollar, Bond Yields Lower

It seems the market wanted moa.....»»

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Ray Dalio Warns Of "Significant" Bond Market Risk

Casting his vote in the ongoing debate of which is a bigger bubble, bonds or stocks, Bridgewater's billionaire founder Ray Dalio, who has continued his whirlwind of media appearances .....»»

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A bond market freakout could derail the rally in stocks

Historically low interest rates have helped stocks boom. What if that suddenly changes?.....»»

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Money Matters Financial Group Inc Buys iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond, iShares ...

Related Stocks: LQD, SCHO, MTUM, BMY, LXP, SCHH, SCHE,.....»»

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Need to Know: Get set for a ‘favorable’ backdrop for stocks until at least 2019, says Blackstone’s Wien

Veteran Wall Street strategist Byron Wien is finding “a surprising lack of optimism about the outlook for equities,” even as the market logs another winning quarter. The Blackstone exec offers a bullish counterpoint for our call of the day......»»

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How big gains in the market can be found in surprising places

Sometimes with stocks, what is obvious later was not at all obvious at the time. A brilliant idea can feel deeply .....»»

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Market Snapshot: U.S. stock futures in holding pattern as ECB, Hurricane Irma keep investors cautious

U.S. stocks looked poised to pull back from the prior day’s gains Thursday, as investors tracked the impact of Hurricane Irma and waited to find out whether the European Central Bank is ready to wind down its bond buying......»»

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Market Snapshot: U.S. stock futures tilt lower, with ECB and Hurricane Irma keeping investors cautious

U.S. stocks looked poised to pull back from the prior day’s gains Thursday, as investors tracked the impact of Hurricane Irma and waited to find out whether the European Central Bank is ready to wind down its bond buying......»»

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Pent Up European Demand Could Drive Euro Stocks Higher

The US stock market has been advancing over the past month while US bond yields basis the ten-year note have been falling over the same period. Over a similar period of time, however, the German DAX has .....»»

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Looser Financial Conditions Should Support Economic Growth And Stocks In The Second Half

Proxy metrics for financial conditions from the US dollar, to interest rates to corporate bond spreads have been loosening since June and suggest continued moderate economic growth in the second half of 2017 and a firm equity market. In this [….....»»

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JULIA CORONADO: Bonds and stocks disagree — "the bond market is, dare I say it, smarter"

Business InsiderJulia Coronado, the founder and president of economic research firm Macr.....»»

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Market Extra: Why Gundlach says ‘coiling’ markets could spark a volatility surge

Jeffrey Gundlach says a breakout in bond yields could pull stocks lower and realize a spike in volatility that has been quiescent of late......»»

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Wall Street Analysts Respond To Mueller"s Grand Jury Subpoena

Despite constantly being told the market's rally has nothing to do with President Trump (as he claims ownership), stocks, bond yields, and the dollar all stumbled notably when two un.....»»

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No bubble in stocks but look out when bonds pop, Greenspan says

Equity bears hunting for excess in the stock market might be better off worrying about bond prices, Alan Greenspan says. That’s where the actual bubble is, and when it pops, it’ll be bad for everyone......»»

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MIB: Alan Shaw, the Man Who Called the Bond Bull Market and other tales of the chart

When the Charts Know and the Analysts Don’t: “How could these stocks be making tops when my fundamental news is right on line and when earnings are coming through for all my companies? It doesn’t make any sens.....»»

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