The Wall Street Journal: Canada to challenge U.S. lumber tariffs through Nafta panel

Canada on Tuesday said it intends to escalate its legal fight against the U.S. Commerce Department’s decision to slap tariffs of roughly 20% or more on Canadian lumber imports......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchNov 14th, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. may add more duties to Canadian lumber tariffs

The Trump administration escalated its lumber trade tiff with Canada, adding a new layer of duties on imports from its northern neighbor, even as it said it still hopes to negotiate a settlement before the full bite of the penalties is felt......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJun 26th, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: Canada files WTO complaint against U.S. tariffs

Canada is challenging the Trump administration’s use of tariffs in a complaint filed with the World Trade Organization, just weeks before crucial talks on revamping the North American Free Trade Agreement get under way in Montreal......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJan 10th, 2018

The Wall Street Journal: Trump says U.S. could dump Nafta, make trade deal with Canada but not Mexico

President .....»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchOct 11th, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: First round of Nafta negotiations wrap up; talks to continue next month

The U.S., Mexico and Canada on Sunday afternoon wrapped up the opening round of talks to renegotiate the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement, whose overhaul is a key objective of the Trump administration......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchAug 20th, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: Trump backs off threats, promises U.S. will stay in Nafta

President Donald Trump pledged Wednesday night to keep the U.S. in the North American Free Trade Agreement, hours after his aides told reporters he was considering issuing a threat to pull out of the 23-year-old pact with Canada and Mexico......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchApr 26th, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. to slap 20% tariff on Canadian softwood lumber imports

The Trump administration is taking retaliatory action against Canada over a trade dispute, moving to impose a 20% tariff on softwood lumber that is typically used to build single-family homes......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchApr 24th, 2017

Ford CEO Wary of Trump's Talk About Tariffs and Nafta - Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalFord CEO Wary of Trump's Talk About Tariffs and NaftaWall Street JournalLOS ANGELES—Ford Motor Co. Chief Executive Mark Fields issued a warning about President-elect Donald Trump's proposed trade policies, saying high tarif.....»»

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The Wall Street Journal: Steve Bannon keeps lips zipped under questioning by House panel

Steve Bannon, a once-close confidant who is now estranged from President Donald Trump, declined on Tuesday to answer questions from Congress about his time in government, committee leaders said......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatch19 hr. 39 min. ago

Canada Attacks U.S. Tariffs by Taking Case to World Trade Organization

A sweeping challenge to the Trump administration’s “America First” policies could add to tensions already frayed by Nafta negotiations......»»

Category: dealsSource: nytJan 11th, 2018

The Wall Street Journal: Mark Zuckerberg’s new year resolution: ‘Fix’ Facebook

Facebook has made “too many errors enforcing our policies and preventing misuse of our tools,” the social media company’s CEO says as he sets himself an even tougher annual challenge than normal......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJan 5th, 2018

The Wall Street Journal: Cuomo says New York will sue over new federal tax law

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday laid out a sweeping liberal agenda for the year, and said he would challenge in court a new federal law that may hurt states with high state and local taxes......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJan 3rd, 2018

The Wall Street Journal: Wave of protests in Iran poses mounting challenge to government

Iran’s biggest wave of street protests in almost a decade is presenting a mounting challenge to the country’s leadership, as demonstrations mushroomed Sunday despite threats of a government crackdown, pushing the president to appeal for calm......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchDec 31st, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: Republican Rep. Devin Nunes cleared by House ethics panel

The House Ethics Committee has ended an investigation into California Republican Devin Nunes, saying Thursday it found no evidence he released classified information to the public earlier this year......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchDec 8th, 2017

U.S. Panel Locks in Final Tariffs on Canadian Softwood Lumber

The U.S. locked in final tariffs on softwood lumber from Canada, ratcheting up economic pressure with a top trading partner and showing the Trump administration’s determination to punish what it sees as unfairly traded imports......»»

Category: smallbizSource: wsjDec 7th, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: Supreme Court hearing could open the country to more sports betting

A 25-year-old federal law restricts sports betting to Nevada and three other states, but a challenge to that ban by the state of New Jersey has set the stage for the Supreme Court to decide whether the law is constitutional......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchDec 2nd, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: SEC to change process for hiring in-house judges after legal challenge

A gambit by the Securities and Exchange Commission to bring more enforcement actions through its in-house courts has partly backfired......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchNov 30th, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: Verizon takes on cable with plan to sell 5G wireless-based home broadband

In a challenge to cable providers, Verizon will sell high-speed internet access in cities outside its existing landline areas using a 5G wireless network......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchNov 30th, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: Microsoft adds SAP as cloud partner to challenge Amazon

Microsoft Corp. signed up business-software vendor SAP as a cloud partner, its latest effort at using alliances to challenge Inc.’s dominance in the market for web-based, on-demand computing resources......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchNov 28th, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: GM, Ford, Fiat-Chrysler again raise Nafta reform concerns with Pence

Top executives from Detroit’s auto makers met with Vice President Mike Pence in Washington Monday, reiterating concerns that potential changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement could disrupt the industry’s intricate supply chains......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchNov 28th, 2017

The Wall Street Journal: Conyers steps aside from House Judiciary post amid sexual harassment allegations

Rep. John Conyers said Sunday he would step aside from his post as the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee while an ethics panel investigates allegations of sexual harassment against him......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchNov 26th, 2017