There"s a major problem with banning plastic straws — and it could alienate and endanger people with disabilities

Proposed bans on plastic straws have gained momentum across the country. Though it may be good for the environment, it can be bad in other ways.&.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJul 12th, 2018

The real reason why so many cities and businesses are banning plastic straws

YouTube/Coca-Cola Earlier this month, Seattle became the first major US city to ban single-use plastic straws and utensils. San Francisco followed suit .....»»

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People with disabilities concerned about Seattle's ban on plastic straws

Since the City of Seattle banned plastic straws, peo.....»»

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California won"t offer straws at full-service restaurants — unless customers request them

Wikimedia Commons/Xanthine Complex California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new bill into effect banning single-use plastic straws at restaurant.....»»

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This foldable metal straw raised nearly $2 million on Kickstarter

Well before Starbucks got around to banning them, Emma Cohen was on a mission to rid the planet of plastic straws......»»

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At WeWork summer camp, there"s no meat, plastic straws or bottled water

Environmental sustainability is a hot corporate trend right now, with one company after another banning plastic straws, offsetting carbon emissions, and taking other steps toward being better planetary stewards......»»

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Boba, or bubble tea, shops wrestle with plastic straw ban

San Francisco voted to ban plastic straws. For boba shops, this could be a problem: There aren't any non-plastic jumb.....»»

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Aardvark, the Only Producer Of Paper Straws In the U.S., Just Got Acquired

To meet skyrocketing demand. It's not just in your head: paper straws are taking over. With more and more cities across the U.S. banning the use of plastic straws and numerous companies following suit, demand is skyrocketing for Aa.....»»

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Would you pay $2 for a straw ? San Francisco bubble tea shops wrestle with plastic ban

San Francisco voted to ban plastic straws. For boba shops, this could be a problem: There aren't any non-plastic jumb.....»»

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The Plastic Straw Ban: Enforced With Violence

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute, The latest trend in banning plastic stuff is the nationwide trend toward eliminating plastic straws from restaurants. A commonly-given justification for the ban is the fact that there's a .....»»

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Are These Companies Guilty of Greenwashing Their Plastic Straws?

Corporate attempts to reduce plastic waste are admirable, but won't have any meaningful impact on the problem......»»

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How Banning Plastic Straws Could Make Pollution Even Worse

Bans also ignor.....»»

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‘Disabled People Are Not Part of the Conversation.’ Advocates Speak Out Against Plastic Straw Bans

Critics say straws are disappearing without .....»»

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A major Thanos community just started banning hundreds of thousands of people at random, one by one — and they love it

Marvel Studios Warning: Spoilers for "Avengers: Infinity War" ahead. The Thanos subreddit r/ThanosDidNothingWrong banned half of its members on Monday — a tribute to Thanos wiping out .....»»

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Banning plastic straws sounds annoying, but here"s why it"s a fight cities must win

Starbucks announced on Monday that it plans to eliminate .....»»

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"Adult Sippie Cups" - Starbucks Becomes First Major Chain To Abandon Plastic Straws

With California on the cusp of passing a bill that would prohibit restaurant servers from giving customers plastic straws unless requested, .....»»

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Personal Finance Daily: The first major U.S. city to ban plastic straws and the financial slip-ups that can cost you big

Monday's top personal finance stories.....»»

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Seattle becomes first major U.S. city to ban plastic straws

Consumers and lawmakers are calling for the reduction in the use of plastic......»»

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Big food-service outfit banning plastic straws at more than 1,000 U.S. eateries

Bon Appétit Management is instituting the new rule at all of its locations in 33 states, including numerous co.....»»

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Banned in the UK: straws and cotton buds, maybe

Britain is considering banning the sale of plastic straws and other single use products and is pressing Commonwealth allies to also take action to tackle marine waste, the office of Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May said. Scarlett Cvitanovich reports......»»

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Dallas among top cities attracting residents from other major metros

In search of affordable housing and job opportunities, greater numbers of people are leaving New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Chicago and San Francisco. Redfin data shows large numbers of new residents are instead moving to Dallas, Phoe.....»»

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