Three Apps That Will Help You Find Out Which Brand"s Have Dirty Secrets

You now have a wide array of apps to check if a brand has been naughty or nice. Here are three apps you can use to check if you are making socially conscious choices (or if you are a brand to see what people are sayi.....»»

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Uber accused of espionage, hacking and bribery in bombshell letter

Uber spied on and bribed foreign officials, infiltrated private chat groups, stole trade secrets, and abused secret messaging apps and attorney-client privilege to obstruct government investigations, according to a former employee......»»

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Aging Process: Scientists Look to Short-Lived Fish to Find Anti-Aging Secrets For Humans

We've looked for anti-aging secrets in short-lived organisms from worms to yeast, but the killifish is a vertebrate, making it a much better analog to humans......»»

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Here are five one-stop solutions for in-transit citizens

AroundMe is one of the best Android apps which lets you quickly find out the nearby places and things at a location that's new to you.....»»

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Six apps and trackers to find your lost gadgets

Never misplace your phone again......»»

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"Cyberwar" class students become hackers

The class, called Cyberwar, teaches its 80 students how to find security flaws in the apps and websites people use every day......»»

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In Berkeley"s "Cyberwar" class, students become hackers

The class, called Cyberwar, teaches its 80 students how to find security flaws in the apps and websites people use every day......»»

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Coupon Codes, Shopping Apps, and Google Chrome Tools: 5 Tricks to Save Money on Cyber Monday

Use these tips and tricks to save some cash. If you’re shopping on Cyber Monday and want to find a way to save a few bucks, you’ve come to the right place. Cyb.....»»

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New TourismOhio director to boost "Ohio. Find It Here." brand recognition


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Mystery Blocked Passage Discovered Near Mayan Temple Could Unlock Secrets of Ancient Civilization

Archaeologists are hoping to find what lies beneath the large Mayan temple known as "The Castle.".....»»

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New Delhi"s notoriously toxic air is so dirty that your head spins

Even if you have air filters in your house, a faint lingering chemical smell always seems to find its way in.....»»

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Innovation at every scale will find a home at UMd."s newest building

A two-story metal track will soon allow a crane to hoist and move projects weighing up to three tons down the length of the University of Maryland, College Park's newest academic building. At the same time, millions of dollars of brand-new equipment.....»»

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Inc Best Kept Traveler Secrets: Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the best US states to visit and there are some special haunts that you won't find anywhere else!.....»»

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How This Startup Is Redefining Influencer Marketing

Social media marketing is not the same as it was. It's time to find more authentic ways to market your brand......»»

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6 Apps That Will Make You Like Driving Again

Your smartphone now can help you find a parking spot, save money on gas, or get an estimate from a repair shop. Just don't pick it up it while you're driving......»»

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New law to add some snap and crackle to city"s POPS

Trump Tower's public garden is one of Midtown's best-kept secrets, in part because it is hard for visitors to find signs directing them to it on the building's fifth floor. But the garden's splendid... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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6 Undervalued Stocks That Top Money Managers Are Buying

How To Find Stocks That Money Managers Own One of the better-kept secrets in investing is a form called the 13F-HR that all institutional investors who manage over $100 million in assets must submit t.....»»

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Developers Must Become Brand Marketers Says SAP

A brand affords your business to charge a premium price. As developers find themselves at the very heart of today's digital businesses, everything they do impacts brand value......»»

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Google will pay hackers who find flaws in top Android apps

Google is probably hoping to raise the quality of apps in the Play store by launching a new bug bounty program that's completely separate from its existing one. .....»»

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20 secrets your bank teller won"t tell you

We talked to bank tellers, branch managers, and other banking officials to find out more about the place where you keep your money......»»

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Uniqlo’s Four Secrets for Building a Global Brand

Here's why the third-largest clothing chai.....»»

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