Three Apps That Will Help You Find Out Which Brand"s Have Dirty Secrets

You now have a wide array of apps to check if a brand has been naughty or nice. Here are three apps you can use to check if you are making socially conscious choices (or if you are a brand to see what people are sayi.....»»

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Developers Must Become Brand Marketers Says SAP

A brand affords your business to charge a premium price. As developers find themselves at the very heart of today's digital businesses, everything they do impacts brand value......»»

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Google will pay hackers who find flaws in top Android apps

Google is probably hoping to raise the quality of apps in the Play store by launching a new bug bounty program that's completely separate from its existing one. .....»»

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20 secrets your bank teller won"t tell you

We talked to bank tellers, branch managers, and other banking officials to find out more about the place where you keep your money......»»

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Uniqlo’s Four Secrets for Building a Global Brand

Here's why the third-largest clothing chai.....»»

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Our Protected, Predatory Oligarchy: Dirty Secrets, Dirty Lies

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, If you want to understand why the status quo is unraveling, start by examining the feudal structure of our society, politics and economy. The revelations coming.....»»

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How Brands Can Successfully Use Live Streaming Videos

Live streaming has become a popular tool for top brands to engage their audiences. Find out how your brand can leverage live videos for better engagement and sales......»»

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How to Build a Successful Brand, According to a Doctor

With an impressive two and a half million Instagram followers, Dr. Mike has some secrets to share on how to create a winning digital brand......»»

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Why Influencer Marketing Has Become a Powerful Weapon for Brands

Curious about how influencer marketing really impacts a brand's performance? Find out some of the best ways in which influencers help the brands they promote......»»

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Cramer Remix: How brand names can help you find long term winners

Jim Cramer offers his advice for pinpointing solid investments at a young age......»»

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Gujarat govt announces Rs 1 lakh reward to find Blue Whale curators

The Blue Whale challenge is undertaken using social media apps, online gaming groups.....»»

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An old-school alternative to Tinder is making a big comeback — step inside the world of modern matchmaking

Courtesy Three Day Rule The INSIDER Summary: Dating apps are popular, but some people find them irksome and unfulfilling. As an alternative, "modern matchmaking" companies like Tawkify, .....»»

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Apple is invading the office with another big enterprise partnership (AAPL, ACN)

Big companies that want Apple's own experts to help them make slick iPhone and iPad apps now have another place to find.....»»

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The Single Best Way to Increase Your Brand"s Reach

Find out how to successfully increase you're brand reach with influencer marketing. Partner with the right influencers to maximize results and ROI.....»»

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How to Increase Your Brand"s Reach with Influencer Marketing (Hint: Choose the Right Kind of Campaign)

Find out how to successfully increase you're brand reach with influencer marketing. Partner with the right influencers to maximize results and ROI.....»»

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6 Easiest Google Fonts to Read on Websites and Mobile Apps

Google provides us with a lot of information and we can even find the easiest Google fonts to read on websites and mobile apps. There are plen.....»»

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Apple hid a job listing on its website that you need serious computer skills to find (AAPL)

  ReutersOne way to get your foot in the door at Apple is to know where to look to find secrets hidden on its website.  For example, if you d.....»»

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10 iconic brands that disappeared (and 7 more that may soon follow)

There is a "brand graveyard" full of companies that were once household names in America. Find out which iconic brands are there now and those with one foot in the grave......»»

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How to Invest in 50 Undervalued Brands with One ETF

Can focusing on companies with strong brands lead to solid stock performance? Listen to this podcast to find out more about the concept and why brand .....»»

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Google changes Play Store to prioritise apps that don’t crash

Google today announced it was rolling out changes to the Play Store to increase the likelihood you’ll find apps which actually, you know, function properly......»»

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Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner Won an Acting Job ‘Because I Had More Followers’

Directors are increasingly looking at actors' social media presences in casting roles. There are a lot of dirty little secrets slithering their way through HBO’s Game of Thrones. But Sophie T.....»»

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