Trump not "thrilled" with border-security deal

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he's not "thrilled" with a border-security deal,.....»»

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Trump says he can"t say he"s "thrilled" about border-security deal

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The Wall Street Journal: Among Senate Republicans, ‘not much support’ for Trump’s tariffs on Mexico

Senate Republicans threatened Tuesday to block the White House’s planned tariffs on Mexico, hours after President Donald Trump signaled he was prepared to move ahead with the levies barring a last-minute deal over border security......»»

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Trump Today: Trump Today: President warns of lengthy government shutdown absent a deal on border security

President Donald Trump on Friday says a looming government shutdown could last for a protracted period as Washington remains at an impasse over funding for border security......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchDec 21st, 2018

Trump Today: Trump Today: President keeps border-emergency option on table as he meets with lawmakers

President Donald Trump said he may still declare a national emergency over border security if he can’t reach a deal with lawmakers, as he met with Republicans on Capitol Hill and was preparing to huddle again with a bipartisan group at the White House......»»

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President Trump, ‘I will keep my promise on border security one way or another”

Friday, President Trump made a “major announcement” Saturday on the government shutdown and his demand that Congress fund the Mexican border Wall. President Trump offered the Democrats a deal that would extend protections for so.....»»

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Trump Says He Doubts Congress Will Strike An Acceptable Border Deal; Stocks Slump

Stocks jumped on Friday after President Trump "caved" to the Democrats and agreed to reopen the government via a three-week stopgap bill to facilitate negotiations over a border security.....»»

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Trump Expected to Reject Next Congressional Border Security Deal

The result could be another shutdown in less than three weeks. Some Senators have introduced legislation to prevent future shutdowns. They’d better hurry because another may be here in less than three weeks, once again thanks to border se.....»»

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Trump: Border Security Dealmakers Are "Wasting Their Time" If They Aren"t Considering A Wall

After putting the odds of a border security deal at "less than 50-50" during an interview with WSJ on Sunday, President Trump chimed in on twitter Wednesday morning to remind the bipartisan committee of.....»»

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Trump Today: Trump Today: President conditions China trade deal on opening up markets to U.S. farm, manufactured goods

President Donald Trump said Thursday a trade deal with China needs to include U.S. farm and manufactured goods, as he sounded a pessimistic note about ongoing talks on border-security negotiations and his proposed wall on the Mexican border......»»

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President Trump Plans Rally in El Paso, Texas

FLASH: Speaker Pelosi (D:CA) Seeks Deal as Wall Deadline Nears Pesident Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi struck starkly different tones in their border security standoff Wednesday, as.....»»

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President Trump, the Wall is Coming “One Way or the Other”

Congressional negotiators are working this weekend of talks on a security plan that includes barrier on the Us-Mexican border, hoping to complete a deal to avert another government shutdown that is acceptable to Pres.....»»

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Trump Today: Trump Today: President critical of border deal but doesn’t say he’ll reject it

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he wasn’t happy with an agreement in principle on border security struck by congressional negotiators, but notably didn’t say he’d reject it and predicted there wouldn’t be another government shutdown......»»

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President Trump, “I am Not Happy with the Deal”

Tuesday, President Trump expressed displeasure with a tentative deal by congressional negotiators on border security spending that offered no funds for his promised US-Mexican border wall, but did not reject it outright, i.....»»

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Trump tweets he is looking at "all aspects" of border security funding deal

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Trump Is Lukewarm on Border-Funding Deal

President Trump sent mixed signals on a bipartisan border-security deal reached by lawmakers, but he didn’t rule out ultimately signing the resulting legislation, which is needed to avoid another government shutdown......»»

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Trump To Sign Border Deal , Averting 2nd Shutdown: CNN

After telling reporters that he was "not happy" with the compromise border-security bill (which reportedl.....»»

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The Wall Street Journal: Trump expected to sign border-security deal

President Tr.....»»

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S&P 500 Futures at Ten Week Highs

U.S. stock index futures advanced due to a report that President Donald Trump intends to sign the border security deal to avoid another partial government shutdown......»»

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Trump intends to sign border-security deal: CNN

President Donald Trump intends to sign the border-security deal to avoid another partial government shutdown, CNN reported Wednesday. The agreement includes $1.3.....»»

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Trump Edges Toward Taking Shutdown-Averting Border Deal

Trump is eyeing a path to avoid another government shutdown where he would reluctantly accept the congressional border-security deal. President Donald Trump is eyeing a path to avoid another government shutdown where he would reluctantly.....»»

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