Impeachment testimony sheds light on Sondland"s role in Ukraine talks

Gordon Sondland's efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Democrats alarmed John R. Bolton enough that Bolton, who was national security adviser at the time, instructed an aide to report it to White House lawyers. The New York Times reported t.....»»

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A Pentagon official"s newly released testimony further devastated Trump"s central impeachment defense that Ukraine aid freeze wasn"t linked to search for Biden dirt

Pentagon official Laura Cooper testified to Congress that President Dona.....»»

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A former NSC official revealed stunning details of a meeting at the heart of Trump"s quid pro quo that ended with John Bolton storming out

Former White House official Fiona Hill recalled a dramatic meeting about the Trump's administration's quid pro quo with Ukraine that e.....»»

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Former Trump aide Fiona Hill says she"s received death threats as a result of internet conspiracy theories

Leah Millis/Reuters Fiona Hill, a former top administration adviser on Russian affairs, said during her congressi.....»»

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One of Trump"s most damaging witnesses is on the frontlines of Ukraine"s war, only days before his public impeachment testimony

AP Photo/J. Scott Appl.....»»

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Trump wants people to "READ THE TRANSCRIPT" of the Ukraine call to prove his innocence, but it"s a damning piece of evidence

Associated Press President Donald Trump's latest defense in the impeachment inquiry is to call on people to "read the transcript" of his July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. But legal experts say the tra.....»»

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Trump"s top Russia official quit the day before his impeachment testimony, and is looking like the most damaging witness yet

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters Tim Morrison, a senior White House director on Europe and Russia, announced his resignation Wednesday, the day before his testimony in ongoing impeachment hearings.  Morrison is already part of the impeachment narrative: Las.....»»

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Bolton To Give Closed-Door Impeachment Testimony Next Week

Bolton To Give Closed-Door Impeachment Testimony Next Week Former National Security Adviser John Bolton is scheduled to testify next Thursday in Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry, accor.....»»

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Diplomat"s detailed impeachment testimony contradicts Gordon Sondland"s

Last week, U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland testified that President Donald Trump had said he wanted nothing from Ukraine and that there was "no quid pro quo" expected in exchange for military aid to the country. Today, William B. .....»»

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Trump"s Ukraine envoy gave "damning" testimony to Congress that prompted "sighs and gasps" from people in the room

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite Bill Taylor, the US's chief envoy to Ukraine, gave "damning" testimony to Congress on Tuesday that prompted "sighs and gasps" from people in the room, the Washington Po.....»»

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Trump risked impeachment to pressure Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden. That was a huge miscalculation.

Richard Vogel/AP President Donald Trump's urging of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden signaled he views the former vice president as his biggest t.....»»

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FBI Had No Clue About Trump-Russia Collusion When Mueller Took Over: Lisa Page

A newly reported comment made by former FBI attorney Lisa Page during her May testimony to Congress has revealed a "momentous fact," according to The Hill's John Solomon: after nine months of investigations .....»»

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Impeachment: The Trump-Ukraine Inquiry Goes Public This Week

The Congressional inquiry into the.....»»

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Trump"s Ukraine scandal hits close to DeSantis

Pressure has grown over the past month for Gov. Ron DeSantis to answer questions about tensions in the state Republican Party and his ties to two Ukrainian-American businessmen indicted on federal campaign-finance charges. So far, calling on selec.....»»

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A GOP lawmaker crashed Fiona Hill"s impeachment deposition and was immediately booted out, newly released transcript shows

Alex Wong/Getty Images Newly-released transcripts of former National Security Council official Dr. Fiona Hill's deposition show the dramatic scene when Rep. Matt Gaetz of F.....»»

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Capitol Report: Here’s what U.S. diplomat William Taylor told Trump impeachment investigators about a Ukraine quid pro quo

House .....»»

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Transcript of Bill Taylor’s testimony underscores extreme lengths Trump went to in urging Ukraine to investigate Bidens

House investigators released the transcript of the testimony of the acting US ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, on Wednesday. Taylor, a Vietnam War veteran and career diplomat with a distinguished record of service, provided.....»»

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Adam Schiff announces public hearings in impeachment probe will begin next Wednesday

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call Democrats announced on Wednesday that the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump will begin on November 13.  The public hearings will begin with testimony from Bill Tayl.....»»

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Key Words: Sondland says he told Ukraine that aid depended on the probe Trump wanted

The U.S. ambassador to the European Union said in amended testimony released Tuesday that he remembered telling a top Ukrainian official that U.S. aid to the country had a condition: announcing a probe sought by President Donald Trump......»»

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Sondland Acknowledges "Quid Pro Quo" In Reversal To Trump-Ukraine Testimony

Sondland Acknowledges 'Quid Pro Quo' In Reversal To Trump-Ukraine Testimony House Democra.....»»

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