U.S. Economy Is Floating on an ‘Ocean of Debt’, Gundlach Warns

Jeffrey Gundlach said yet again that the U.S.....»»

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"Swimming In An Ocean Of Debt": Gundlach Sounds The Alarm Over $122 Trillion In Unfunded Liabilities

After laying out the reasoning behind his considerably more pessimistic view on the US economy during his widely watched "Just Markets" podcast, DoubleLine Capital Founder Jeffrey Gundlach - whose flagship Total Return Fun.....»»

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Kyle Bass Warns Trump: Don"t Take The Easy Way Out With China

Authored by Kyle Bass and Daniel Babich, op-ed via Bloomberg.,com, China’s pernicious debt load and rapidly weakening economy mean the U.S. has more leverage in trade talks now than it eve.....»»

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This business leader warns interest rates will slam stocks, economy

The U.S. markets will find it hard to ignore much higher levels of debt in the economy......»»

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Trump Tax Plan Will Make U.S. Only Advanced Economy to See Its Public Debt Ratio Increase, IMF Warns

“This president, obviously, is not a president that’s interested in fiscal issues.”.....»»

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Nearly Everyone Is A Socialist Now - Just The Way The Elites Want It

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via, The expansionary phase of the global economy is almost certainly ending. A combination of excessive debt and trade protectionism is likely to become economically and .....»»

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The Next Financial Crisis Won"t Be Caused By Fraud: This Time Will Be Different

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Extreme levels of debt and overvaluation characterize the entire global economy, and are not limited to any one nation or sector. Financial crises come in two flavors: .....»»

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Demographic Doom? The Number Of Children Per Household Is Collapsing

Forget debt and deflation: the biggest threat to the global economy and the future of modern civilization as we know it, may be demographics, according to a recent Euromonitor study......»»

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Disney, Dimon, & A China Debt Surge Lift Stocks As Economic Data Collapses

Just keep repeating: "the market is not the economy"... Except that is the exact opposite of what former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan told the world this morning, explaining that much of the improvement ha.....»»

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High Debt Hampers Countries" Response To A Fast-Changing Global Economy

High Debt Hampers Countries" Response To A Fast-Changing Global Economy.....»»

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NewsWatch: A tragedy is unfolding in the stock market that should worry both bulls and bears

When this rally runs out of steam, the ensuing crash could topple the economy, warns Sven Henrich......»»

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Top IMF official warns global economy facing various threats

The head of the 189-nation International Monetary Fund says the world is facing a time of high uncertainty with 70 percent of the global economy caught in a growth slowdown that could be worsened by self-inflicted wounds such as unnecessary trade battles......»»

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A tragedy is unfolding in the stock market that should worry both bulls and bears

When this rally runs out of steam, the ensuing crash could topple the economy, warns Sven Henrich......»»

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Rex Nutting: The most important number in the economy is one nobody knows

Businesses are taking on more debt, but how we will know if it’s too much, too little, or just the right amount to keep the economy on track?.....»»

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Trump’s trade war could deepen the global slowdown, IMF warns

This year, the IMF expects 70 percent of the global economy to experience a slowdown......»»

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How much debt do Americans have?

A strong economy has led to record levels of borrowing.....»»

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China"s economy picks up as companies pile on debt, survey finds

The latest China Beige Book report released Wednesday found "an unmistakable first-quarter recovery" driven by increased credit, running counter to Beijing's stated efforts to reduce reliance on debt......»»

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Gildan warns of earnings hit from distributor"s liquidation, stock drops

Gildan Activewear Inc. shares dropped more than 2% in after-hours trading Tuesday, after the company revealed that it will write off a debt from a distributor that is expected to be liquidated. Gildan said a trade receivable of $19 million to $23 milli.....»»

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Marty Feldstein Warns "The Debt Crisis Is Coming"

Authored by Martin Feldstein, op-ed via The Wall Street Journal, The most dangerous domestic problem facing America’s federal.....»»

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Cramer: I"m skeptical about Lyft as a longer-term investment

Jim Cramer bets Lyft's stock can work in a slow growing economy, but warns investors should be cautious with "fresh-faced" IPOs......»»

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Souped-Up Debt Vehicle Pushes the Envelope

Business development companies risk trouble if economy hits the brakes. .....»»

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