U.S. Yield Curve Dynamics And Global Effects

U.S. Yield Curve Dynamics And Global Effects.....»»

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One of these 3 "black swans" will likely trigger a global recession by end of 2018

Noel Reynolds / FlickrExactly 10 years ago, we were months way from a world-shaking financial crisis. By late 2006, we had an inverted yield curve steep .....»»

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The Incredible Shrinking Relative Float Of Treasury Bonds

Via Global Macro Monitor blog, Lots of hand wringing these days about the flattening yield curve.  We still maintain our position that the signal from the bond market is significantly distorted.....»»

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Reflexivity And Why The Fed Must Sell The Long End

Via Global Macro Monitor, The yield curve is flattening like a pancake.   Tightening cycles tend.....»»

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Market Extra: Even as stocks climb, bonds haven’t priced in global growth and inflation

Despite improving global growth, the yield curve has not steepened as mixed U.S. economic data and geopolitical concerns weigh on long-dated Treasurys.....»»

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Rising Global Interest Rates Test BOJ Policy

Japan’s central bank keynote policy, called yield-curve control, is getting tricky as global central banks, led by the Federal Reserve, start raising interest rates......»»

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BOJ "Fires Warning At Bond Market" Sending Global Yields, Dollar Lower; All Eyes On Yellen

Yesterday morning we noted why, in light of the ongoing global bond rout, all eyes would be on the BOJ, and specifically whether Kuroda would engage his "Yield control" operation to stabilize the steepness of the JGB yield curve and implicitly support glo.....»»

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Benchmark JGB hits zero as global rout hits Tokyo

Sell-off to intensify scrutiny on BoJ’s ‘yield curve control’ policy.....»»

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Investors Shift Focus To Shape Of Global Yield Curves

Bradley Krom While the shape of global yield curve is generally relegated to the purview of fixed income strategists and economists, many are now starting to take note of not only the level of interest rates, but also their relative.....»»

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As Yield Curve Steepens, Macquarie Analysis Nuanced While Gundlach Clear

Yield Curve Steepens – There has been a decided shift in global bond markets, a research report from Macquarie noted. While the central banks around the world have traditionally influenced the short end of the yield curve, the noted shift […] .....»»

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Global Stocks gain with dimming chances of September rate hike

By Saqib Iqbal Ahmed NEW YORK (Reuters) - Global equity prices gained on Thursday after a mixed bag of U.S. economic data dimmed chances the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates next week. The U.S. Treasury yield curve steepened to the most in two-an.....»»

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Bond Report: 30-year Treasury yields spike after auction

Long-dated U.S. Treasury yields rose sharply Tuesday, widening the spread between two-year and ten-year bond yields known as a yield curve, due to changing perceptions about the future path of global monetary policy......»»

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Global Stocks Slide As Bond Curves Steepen On Central Bank Concerns; Oil Falls

Yesterday we asked if the stealthy Japanese intention to steepen the JGB yield curve will crash global markets. While a crash, if any, has yet to emerge, overnight we have observed another bond selloffs, particularly at the long end of the curve, which ha.....»»

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Driver Of Higher Rates – Good And Bad Inflation

The 5-year Treasury yield hit 2% this morning. It’s not much, but relatively the short to middle of the curve is starting to look more interesting. As I wrote in “Patience – A Possible Win Win”, I believe “…as long [….....»»

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GE-Dip-Buying-Panic Sends Dow To "Most Overbought" In 62 Years, Yield Curve Collapse Continues

Always...   As Bloomberg summarizes, the dollar rose, Treasuries sank and all three broad stock indexes are heading for a record close on bets a budget compromise will bring Washington closer to agreeing on T.....»»

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Quote of the Day - October 19, 2017

"The days of negative interest rates are numbered, and a steep yield curve is in our future." said bond guru, Jeffrey Gundlach......»»

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High-Yield, Low Duration And Global Exposure At A Discount

High-Yield, Low Duration And Global Exposure At A Discount.....»»

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Is This The Best Way To Bet On The Fed Losing Control Of The Bond Market?

Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog, Lately, one of my biggest duds of a call has been for the yield curve to steepen. Sure, I have all sorts of fancy reasons why it should steepen, but realit.....»»

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Yield Curve Inverts, Yuan Slides As China GDP Growth Slows

Despite all the talk of deleveraging, China did anything but according to its most recent data but the lagged impact of the tumbling credit impulse is starting to show up in the broader macro data. Despite the National Congress being u.....»»

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Big Blue Blasts Dow To (Another) New Record High As Chinese Yield Curve Inverts

Don't fight The Fed or The Machines... The Dow is now the 2nd most overbought in 22 years... 3rd most overbought in 62 years   Kicking off The National Congress last n.....»»

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Market Extra: Here’s how the Fed is flattening the yield curve

Traders betting on the yield curve to steepen are looking into a two-barreled shotgun – a Federal Reserve intent on raising rates and lackluster inflation that should justify less aggressive monetary tightening......»»

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