UMN Professor Lectures On "The Violence Of Whiteness"

Authored by Toni Air.....»»

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Meritocracy Is A "Tool Of Whiteness", Math Professor Claims

Authored by Toni Airaksinen via, A math education professor at Brooklyn College con.....»»

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"Communist" Drexel Professor Blames Texas Church Massacre On "Whiteness"

Authored by Alex Thomas via, A controversial Drexel Univ.....»»

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White House Calls Out Las Vegas Professor for Saying After Mass Shooting That Trump"s Election Incited Violence

Video reveals University of Nevada-Las Vegas assistant professor telling history class that she predicted Trump's election would lead to violence after one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history......»»

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Professor Teaches Students About "The Problem That Is Whiteness"

Authored by Nathan Rubbelke via, Serious explorations into race should focus on the problem of whiteness and be grounded in the claim that it’s a .....»»

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Science: College Can Decrease Your Understanding of It. A Harvard Physicist Is Undoing the Damage

Studies show that traditional lectures tend to lower students' understanding of physics. Harvard professor Eric Mazur developed techniques that work, and innovators can learn from them......»»

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DU professor Prasanta Chakravarty injured in violence hospitalised

He said he has been diagnosed with deep bruises and 'concealed spasms' on right kidney.....»»

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College Professor Says U.S. Sponsors "State-Sanctioned Violence" Against "Mostly Minorities"

Marlon James, a Jamaican-born novelist currently teaching literature at Macalester College in Minnesota, recently ignited just a "tad" of controversy when he said that the U.S. sponsors "state-santioned violence" against "mostly minorities."  Apparen.....»»

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Attacks force Mexico Coke bottler to close in southern city

Mexico's largest Coca-Cola bottler has decided to close operations in the southern city of Ciudad Altamirano indefinitely due to violence......»»

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Workplace is fifth-leading cause of death in the U.S., professor says

Workplace stress is killing us, according to a Stanford researcher......»»

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Amber Rose Slams Instagram Bullies Who Called Her Son "Gay": "This Is Why Young Kids Kill Themselves"

Rose—who started the Amber Rose Foundation and the Amber Rose Slutwalk to combat derogatory labels, sexual violence and gender inequality—lashed out at the hateful commenters. .....»»

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March For Our Lives: Each And Every American Life Is Worth More Than All Of The NRA Dollars

Since the Parkland shooting, we’ve seen a surge of support to prevent gun violence......»»

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Dantewada"s Education City is kindling dreams for kids affected by Naxalism

In the last few years, rebels blew up 86 schools and ashrams in the area. The violence left nearly 22,000 children out of school.....»»

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More than 26,000 children and teens have been killed in gun violence since 1999

More than 26,000 children and teens have been killed in gun violence since 1999.....»»

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Facebook Shows How Not to Handle a Crisis

A New York University marketing professor says Facebook needs to take a lesson from Johnson & Johnson......»»

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French Voters Turn On Macron: Violence Erupts On Paris Streets As Workers Protest Labor Reforms

That didn't take long. Less than .....»»

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To avoid shutdown US Senate passes $1.3-trn spending bill, sends it to Prez

The measure boosts military and domestic spending, increases border security, funds infrastructure and student loan projects, and includes provisions to reduce gun violence.....»»

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South African Politician Blasts "Racist" Australia For Harboring Fleeing White Farmers

In perhaps the most Orwellian statement of the day, the head of South Africa’s radical Marxist opposition party - who declared his party was "cutting the throat of whiteness" - called Australia a "racist country" for offeri.....»»

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Jeremy Siegel on Equity Selloff, Trade Tensions

Wharton School professor's interview with CNBC.....»»

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Kansas economy continues to grow, according to Creighton professor

A Creighton University economic study shows continued good news for the Kansas economy. The Kansas Business Conditions Index for February advanced to 62.4 from December’s strong 59.6, according to the monthly report by Creighton professor Ernie .....»»

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Here"s Why Improv Can Make You a Better Leader, According to a Stanford Professor

Methods used by Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade can increase creativity and deepen bonds with employees......»»

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