Visualizing The World"s Extreme Population Density

You may have heard that the majority of the world’s population actually lives within a relatively small circle that covers China, India, Japan, and other parts of Southe.....»»

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Here"s a map that shows the extreme disparity in population density across the world

REUTERS/Ajay VermaYou may have heard that the majority of the world’s population actually lives within a relatively small circle that covers China, India, Japan, and other parts of Southeast Asia. That’s a pretty extreme example of population .....»»

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Mumbai is second most crowded city in the world: WEF

With a population density of 44,500 people per square kilometre, Dhaka is the most crowded city on the planet.....»»

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More than half the people in the world live in the sphere of influence

Back in 2013, a meme circulated quickly off of a Reddit post that showed the incredible population density of the southeast corner of Asia. You may have seen it: the satellite map showed, quite simply, that “more people live inside this circle, than.....»»

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The Majority Of The World"s Population Lives In This Circle

Back in 2013, a meme circulated quickly off of a Reddit post that showed the incredible population density of the southeast corner of Asia. As Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes, the satellite map showed, quite simply, that “m.....»»

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Anger at Failed States and Foreign Interference Fan the Flames of Terror

Across the Arab world, changing demographics, a lack of basic rights and Western interventions all drive young people toward extreme violence......»»

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Is GM Abandoning Its Future for Short-Term Profits?

Since 2015, General Motors has pulled out of countries and regions representing more than a third of the world's population. Some pundits think this is a shortsighted strategy......»»

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Visualizing How The Big 5 Tech Giants Make Their Billions

Hitting record high after record high, tech companies have displaced traditional blue chip companies like Exxon Mobil and Walmart as the most valuable companies in the world. Here are the latest ma.....»»

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Mapping The World"s Population

At the end.....»»

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Saving the Planet One Mile at a Time

The world is confronting an extreme fuel emergency. It has been assessed t.....»»

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Investors worth trillions are putting pressure on food companies to serve more fake meat

Melia RobinsonThe world's population is expected to top nine billion people by 2050 — a figure that has some worried there won't be enough resources on the planet to s.....»»

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World War 3: North Korea The War Machine

World War 3: North Korea The War Machine With 5,889,000 paramilitary personnel, North Korea is the largest paramilitary organization on Earth, this number represents 25% of the population. North Korea has biologica.....»»

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Visualizing Exter"s Liquidity Pyramid (In Physical $100 Bills)

All the money and all the assets in the world, shown in physical cash form, in one graphic. (click image for huge legible version) Source: Demonocracy The Liquidity Pyramid was created for visualizing the orga.....»»

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April is National Autism Awareness Month

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 percent of the world population has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). That includes about 1 in 68 children. One study predicts that half of all children born in 2025 will be autisti.....»»

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Tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook will survive past 2075: Wozniak

Together, the "Big 3" have reached to almost half of the world's population in one way or the other.....»»

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Visualizing The Largest Armed Forces In The World

In response to a U.S. navy battle group being sent toward the Korean peninsula at the weekend, P.....»»

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Here"s what life is like in the world"s most crowded cities

Mohammad Ponir Hossain/ReutersUrbanization is taking over the world. By the year 2050, 70% of the world will live in cities, according to the Population Re.....»»

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Is This The World"s Scariest Chart?

This should be the world's scariest chart: // Given the interconnectedness and tensions rising everywhere, the fuse is lit and it seems the world's population is increasingly realizing we're "going to war." h/t @StockBoardAsset.....»»

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ANIMATED: How the world"s population will change by 2100

It’s a well-known fact that 60% of the world’s population lives in Asia. Although this information isn’t necessarily new or surprising to anyone, it’s still something that we’ve found interes.....»»

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Visualizing The Netflix Generation

Since launching in the United States in 1948, cable television quickly emerged as the media consumption method of choice for families around the world. Cable brought to us some of the most memorable and n.....»»

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Healthiest and Least Healthy Countries

Many factors contribute to the health of a population, and worldwide health varies to the extreme. While most Americans are aware that these global health disparities exist, a look at the health........»»

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