Visualizing The World"s Extreme Population Density

You may have heard that the majority of the world’s population actually lives within a relatively small circle that covers China, India, Japan, and other parts of Southe.....»»

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Here"s a map that shows the extreme disparity in population density across the world

REUTERS/Ajay VermaYou may have heard that the majority of the world’s population actually lives within a relatively small circle that covers China, India, Japan, and other parts of Southeast Asia. That’s a pretty extreme example of population .....»»

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World Population Density in 2015

This is kind of fascinating: We mapped the recently released Global Human Settlement Layer by the European Commission. The map visualizes the world population .....»»

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Mumbai is second most crowded city in the world: WEF

With a population density of 44,500 people per square kilometre, Dhaka is the most crowded city on the planet.....»»

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More than half the people in the world live in the sphere of influence

Back in 2013, a meme circulated quickly off of a Reddit post that showed the incredible population density of the southeast corner of Asia. You may have seen it: the satellite map showed, quite simply, that “more people live inside this circle, than.....»»

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The Majority Of The World"s Population Lives In This Circle

Back in 2013, a meme circulated quickly off of a Reddit post that showed the incredible population density of the southeast corner of Asia. As Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes, the satellite map showed, quite simply, that “m.....»»

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The Coming Solar Energy Age?

By 2040, the world will need to add the equivalent of India and China’s current energy system to meet the demands of a surging global population and rising incomes. Among all other forms of energy, solar PV (p.....»»

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This $40 million robotic "plantscraper" will feed over 5,000 people per year

Plantagon By 2050, the world's population is expected to swell to 9.6 billion, with a.....»»

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9 of the most extreme endurance challenges in the world

AP Photo/Brett Butterstei.....»»

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Richest 1% now owns half the world's wealth

Wealthiest 1% of the world's population now owns more than half of the world's wealth, acc.....»»

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There are now 36 million millionaires in the world — and they own nearly half the total wealth

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse A new Credit Suisse report finds there are 2.3 million new millionaires in the world, putting the total at 36 million. Collectively, they make up less than 1% of the population but h.....»»

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Visualizing The Rapidly Aging Western World

From issues such as declining fertility rates to the ongoing complications resulting from.....»»

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Will fuel India"s growth with full unwavering commitment: World Bank CEO

Citing India's 30-place jump in the Ease of Doing Business report said such an elevation is very rare, especially given the size of Indian population.....»»

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With our nation states on the ropes, it"s time for cities to take the lead

For one, more than 54% of the world's population now live in a city, compared with less than 1% when nation-states showed up on the scene.....»»

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Sky"s the limit for Irish aviation industry

The Irish aviation industry is behind some of the biggest names in our skies, including Europe's largest airline, Ryanair. Katie Gregory reports on how a country with a population of just 5 million became a world power in aviation......»»

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Visualizing $63 Trillion Of World Debt

If you add up all the money that national governments have borrowed, it tallies to a hefty $63 trillion.   Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist In an ideal situation, governments are just.....»»

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Highly Endangered Whales Are Dying Due to Fishing Gear, Ship Collisions

There are less than 500 North Atlantic right whales left in the world, meaning about 3 percent of the total population has died this year......»»

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Niger by the Numbers: Its Population and Economy

Most Americans know little or nothing about Niger, the country where four U.S. soldiers where killed in an ambush. It is a small country based on population and one of the poorest in the world......»»

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Inside Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, the New York City boarding school that costs more than Harvard

Sarah JacobsManhattan has the largest population density of any city in the US, and its K-12 schools serve more than 1 million students. Yet, there is only one boarding school for high-school.....»»

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New ETF Focuses On China"s Clean Environment Initiatives

When it comes to the global environment, China often gets a bad rap. The country, the world's largest by population, is a major consumer and producer of scores of commodities that environmentally unfriendly to mine for and consume. read more.....»»

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Disastrous harvest means wine prices could be going up

Spain, Italy and France -- which together produce over half the world's wine -- are bracing for their worst harvests in decades after extreme weather damaged grapes......»»

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