Why Britain Is Headed for a ‘Soft’ Form of Brexit

Why Britain Is Headed for a ‘Soft’ Form of Brexit.....»»

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New poll finds the British public now wants a soft Brexit

REUTERS/Ognen Teofilovski NEW POLL: A soft, Norway-style Brexit is the most popular form of Brexit among British people. A Brexit based on Britain keeping close ties with the single market was deemed more acceptable than any other Brexit model. A .....»»

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UK PM May under pressure to go for soft Brexit

Britain's ex.....»»

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If You’re Wondering How Hard a ‘Hard Brexit’ Could Be

The U.K. and the European Union are headed down to the wire on their divorce and there’s mounting concern about what the hardest form of Brexit — one with no deal in place at all — could look like. .....»»

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The EU believes Theresa May will now accept a soft Brexit

REUTERS/Peter Nicholls Exclusive: The European Parliament's chief Brexit negotiator believes Theresa May will erase her red lines and lead Britain to one of the softest forms of Brexit. Guy Verhofstaft told MEPs this week that he.....»»

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Former UK Chancellor Alistair Darling says Britain must ignore "little Englanders" and back a soft Brexit

REUTERS/David Moir Exclusive: Former UK chancellor Lord Darling tells Business Insider a no deal Brexit would be "absolute madness". Darling called on the UK to remain in both .....»»

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Ireland and U.K. Maneuver on Border Question

As talks between the European Union and the U.K. on Brexit enter a critical phase, the leaders of Ireland and Britain are in very different form. One knows where he is going, Paul Hannon writes; the other still can’t be sure......»»

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It would be "very difficult" for Norway to say no to Britain agreeing a soft Brexit

NTB Scanpix/Vegard Wivestad Groett/ via REUTERS EXCLUSIVE: Norway's chief representative to .....»»

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Theresa May says UK will sign up to a "future customs union" with the EU after Brexit

Parliament TV Theresa May sparks confusion after suggesting Britain is aiming for a "future customs union" with the EU. The UK government's official policy is to leave the existing EU customs union and not to form a new .....»»

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Juncker: EU cannot keep extending Brexit deadline for UK

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is warning Britain that the country's departure from the European Union cannot be put off ".....»»

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Global economy: UK shoppers defy Brexit gloom, but trade blues hit Germany, Japan

Weak manufacturing surveys from Asia and Europe stoked fears of a widespread slowdown in growth on Thursday. But, as David Pollard reports, Brexit appears to be doing little to dampen Britain's appetite for shopping......»»

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Pelosi warns there will be no U.S.-U.K. trade deal if Brexit harms the Irish peace accord

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she had told British leaders that if Brexit weakens the Northern Ireland peace pact known as the Belfast or Good Friday Agreement, Congress will block any trade deals Britain might seek with the United States......»»

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Britain: Brexit gloom deepens, says Deloitte survey

More than four out of five chief financial officers asked in a survey by accountancy firm Deloitte expect Brexit to lead to a long-term deterioration in Britain's business environment. David Pollard reports......»»

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UK found to be hottest investment destination despite Brexit

Brexit may be causing all sorts of uncertainty in Britain but it doesn't seem to be putting off foreign investors......»»

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The Brexit conundrum is defeating Britain"s political system

As a symbol of the woes of Britain's Brexit-era democracy, it could hardly be bettered......»»

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UK: pound stalls, FTSE unmoved by Brexit delay

Sterling stalled and the FTSE 100 barely moved on Thursday as markets digested the EU's extension to Britain's deadline for leaving the EU. As David Pollard reports, one analyst described the six-month delay as the 'worst of all worlds'......»»

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Airline stocks lift European equities after Brexit delay

Airline stocks helped European shares advance on Thursday after European Union leaders gave Britain another six months to leave the bloc, while sterling simply shrugged......»»

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As Brexit looms, Dutch markets regulator issues 40 new licenses

More than 40 licenses were issued in 2018 to businesses moving to Amsterdam from London due to Britain's departure from the European Union, the Dutch financial markets regulator said on Thursday......»»

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Trick or treat? EU, UK agree to delay Brexit until Halloween

As if Brexit hadn't spooked Britain and the European Union enough over the past three years, the two sides agreed early Thursday to extend the deadline to Halloween......»»

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EU leader Donald Tusk says bloc and Britain have agreed Brexit extension until Oct. 31

EU leader Donald Tusk says bloc and Britain have agreed Brexit extension until Oct. 31......»»

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UK economy grows as pre-Brexit stockpiling lifts factories

Britain's Brexit-bound economy unexpectedly grew in February, helped by manufacturers rushing to meet orders from clients who are stockpiling goods ahead of the country's break from the European Union, official data showed. Pascale Davies reports......»»

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