Why the Trump-Kim Nuclear Show Is Set for Act III

Two historic summits between the U.S. and North Korea resulted in no concrete plans to end Pyongyang’s atomic ambitions. .....»»

Category: topSource: washpostApr 16th, 2019

North Korea Upgrading Nuclear Facility Despite Trump-Kim Deal, Satellite Images Show

On June 12, the U.S. and North Korea leaders pledged to denuclearize the peninsula......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekJun 27th, 2018

North Korea could reportedly open a burger joint as a show of goodwill to Trump

KCNA via Reuters According to US officials citing a CIA intelligence report, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is not planning on giving up his nuclear weapons any time soon, but is open to the idea of opening a Western hamburger franchise.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderMay 30th, 2018

Angela Merkel woos China as Donald Trump poses new trade challenge

Merkel faces a delicate balancing act on the China trip,as she seeks to show Chinese-German solidarity over free trade and the Iran nuclear deal without harming German ties with long-term ally US.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardMay 24th, 2018

Fox & Friends Advises Trump Not to Cancel Iran Nuclear Deal, For Now

Two of the morning show's hosts suggested the president to give the nuclear agreement a little more time......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekMay 8th, 2018

Downtown Class A office vacancy at lowest level since ’01

The last time Class A office space was this scarce in downtown Sacramento, "Friends" was the top TV show, smartphones weren’t a thing and Donald Trump had just run for president ... as a member of the Reform Party......»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsApr 17th, 2019

Trump team readies PR offensive on North America trade deal"s economic effects

The Trump administration is readying a public relations offensive over the economic impact of its new North American trade deal to counter a crucial report expected on Thursday that economists see as likely to show minimal gains at best......»»

Category: topSource: reutersApr 17th, 2019

Huawei CEO Compares 5G To "Nuclear Bomb", Warns US Against Tech Cold War

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei has lashed out at the United States and specifically President Trump in interviews with Germany's Wirtschaftswoche and Handelsblatt newspapers at a key moment that Germany is mulling .....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeApr 17th, 2019

White House will not turn over documents on AT&T-Time Warner merger

The White House has told two U.S. House Democrats it will not turn over documents that could show whether Republican President Donald Trump sought to intervene in the regulatory review of AT&T Inc’s $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner Inc......»»

Category: topSource: reutersApr 16th, 2019

4 Ways to Make Public Speaking Slightly Less Painful

Surveys show that only the fear of loneliness and death trump the fear of speaking in public. You may be nodding in agreement as you read this. Havi.....»»

Category: realestateSource: rismediaApr 13th, 2019

Halloween Brexit, Trump Taxes, Fed Pressure: CEO Daily for April 11, 2019

Must-read business news, delivered every morning. Good morning. Uber kicks off its road show today, and has told inves.....»»

Category: europeSource: fortuneApr 11th, 2019

Lessons from Trump's bad USB drive; Bezos hacked phone: trust no one

An attempted hack, a USB drive infested with malware and a fake Uber drive show why internet users need to verify every move before .....»»

Category: topSource: usatodayApr 6th, 2019

Photos show migrants being held in a makeshift facility under a bridge as Trump threatens to close the border entirely

Sergio Flores for The Washington Post via Getty Images US Customs and Border Protection have created a makeshift detention facility under a bridge to house the surge of migrants cr.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderMar 30th, 2019

GDP revised downward for 2018 as U.S. economy shows more signs of slowing

President Trump has been taking a victory lap for the economy growing 3.1 percent in 2018, but the revised data from the Commerce Department show he didn't achieve that......»»

Category: topSource: washpostMar 28th, 2019

GDP revised downward for 2018 as U.S. economy shows more signs of slowing

President Trump has been touting 3.1 percent growth last year. But revised data show that benchmark wasn't achieved......»»

Category: topSource: washpostMar 28th, 2019

Media Lied about Trump-Russia

Donald Trump’s inner circle Monday piled in on the US news media, which was plunged into soul-searching over coverage of a two-year probe that failed to show collusion between the president’s 20.....»»

Category: topSource: livetradingnewsMar 25th, 2019

Cohen warrants show how FBI can unlock your phone

Court documents reveal the breadth of technical information federal investigators were permitted to collect on President Donald Trump's former fixer......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralMar 23rd, 2019

White economic anxiety evaporated after the 2016 election. Now black economic anxiety is on the rise.

New data show the rise in white Americans who fear for their economic future subsided after the 2016 election of Donald Trump, but now the same sentiment is rising among black Americans......»»

Category: topSource: washpostMar 23rd, 2019

Records show FBI was probing Cohen long before raid

Special counsel Robert Mueller began investigating President Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, for fraud in his personal business dealings and for potentially acting as an unregistered... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

Category: blogSource: crainsnewyorkMar 21st, 2019

India Redeployed Nuclear-Armed Subs During War Games Turned "Real Time" Crisis

India has launched a major show of force operation following.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeMar 18th, 2019

Jeanine Pirro’s Show Is Bumped by Fox, to the President’s Chagrin

Ms. Pirro did not appear in her usual Saturday slot on the cable news station. On Sunday morning, Mr. Trump, posting on Twitter, urged Fox News to bring her back......»»

Category: mediaSource: nytMar 17th, 2019