Five Dividend Stocks Rewarding Shareholders With Raises

Last week, there were five dividend growth companies which increased distributions to their shareholders. Each of these companies has managed to grow distributions for at least ten consecutive years. I reviewed th.....»»

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Vodafone Cuts Dividends to Shareholders

On Tuesday of this week, British Company Vodafone (VOD) cut its dividend by 40%. Not surprisingly, this dividend cut occurred several months after its Chief Financial Officer had stated that the dividend will no.....»»

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Ten Dividend Stocks Providing Consistent Raises to Shareholders

As part of my monitoring process, I look at the list of dividend increases every week. I usually focus my attention on the companies that have managed to grow dividends for at least a decade. As a result, I didn’t.....»»

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Eight Dividend Achievers Showering Owners With More Cash

As part of my monitoring process, I review the list of dividend increases every week. I missed doing this on Monday, so I am catching up. For this review, I included companies with at least a ten year track record.....»»

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Dividend Stock Analysis of FedEx (FDX)

FedEx Corp. (FDX) engages in the provision of a portfolio of transportation, e-commerce, and business services. It operates through the following segments: FedEx Express, TNT Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freigh.....»»

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United Parcel Service (UPS) Dividend Stock Analysis

United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) provides letter and package delivery, specialized transportation, logistics, and financial services. It operates through three segments: U.S. Domestic Package, International Pac.....»»

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Eleven Dividend Focused Companies For Further Research

I review the list of dividend increases every week, as part of my monitoring process. This exercise helps me to check up on existing holdings and to identify companies for my watch list. Last week, there were sev.....»»

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Ten Dividend Growth Stocks For April 2019

I launched my premium Dividend Growth Investor newsletter in July 2018 with the main goal of educating individual investors and empowering them to learn how to achieve their goals. I use the experience accumulated i.....»»

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Ten Dividend Geese Laying Golden Eggs for Investors

As part of my monitoring process, I review the list of dividend increases every week. I use this exercise to review dividend increases for companies I own. I also use this exercise to observe dividend companies .....»»

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How to improve your investing over time

As dividend investors, we focus on identifying and selecting the companies to include in our divided portfolios. The ultimate goal is achieving our stated dividend income objectives. As a result, a lot of effort .....»»

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Four Dividend Stocks Rewarding Investors With Raises

As part of my monitoring process, I review the list of dividend increases every week. I usually focus my attention on the companies that have managed to grow dividends for at least a decade. This filter reduces th.....»»

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This is why we diversify

I have spent the last month discussing CVS Health (CVS) and Walgreen’s (WBA) with a lot of readers on my site. I have spent even more time discussing these companies than thinking about any of the ther companies I .....»»

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Start investing with the end goal in mind

Planning your retirement is one of the most challenging exercises in the world. There are plenty of ways, methods and advisors, who try to influence your choice with formulas and narratives. Some of these method.....»»

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Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) Dividend Stock Analysis

Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. (WBA) operates as a pharmacy-led health and wellbeing company. It operates through three segments: Retail Pharmacy USA, Retail Pharmacy International, and Pharmaceutical Wholesale. W.....»»

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Should I be adding to CVS and Walgreen’s?

Earlier this month, I received questions from a few readers about CVS and Walgreen’s. The share prices behind both companies are taking a beating recently. I discussed the following with readers of my Dividend Gro.....»»

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Three Dividend Stocks Rewarding Shareholders With High Raises

I review the list of dividend increases weekly, as part of my portfolio monitoring process. I usually narrow the list down to companies with at least a ten year history of annual dividend increases. The next i.....»»

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Dividend Growth Investor Newsletter – March 2019 Edition

The March 2019 edition of the Dividend Growth Investor newsletter comes out this Sunday, March 24. This will be the ninth edition of the dividend investment newsletter that I started last year. It will list ten d.....»»

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Three Dividend Increases In Focus

A long streak of dividend increases is a signal of a quality company which is probably a good idea for further research. As part of my monitoring process, I review the list of dividend increases every week. I usu.....»»

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S&P Global Inc. (SPGI) Dividend Stock Analysis

S&P Global Inc. (SPGI) provides independent ratings, benchmarks, analytics, and data to the capital and commodity markets worldwide. It operates through three segments: Ratings, Market and Commodities In.....»»

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Five Dividend Stocks Rewarding Patient Shareholders With A Raise

As a dividend growth investor, I look for solid companies to invest my hard earned money in. I look for companies that can grow earnings, and afford to raise dividends regularly. A long dividend streak is the indi.....»»

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