Inflation Soars in January

The Consumer Price Index for January really blew up.  The monthly change was a whopping 0.6%, the largest monthly gain since February 2013.  The main cause w.....»»

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Environmental Degradation Goes Global

Figuratively speaking, a ginormous asteroid is hurtling to a cataclysmic rendezvous with earth, but we are not supposed to notice. The ast.....»»

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Conservatism Has a Globalism Problem

Donald Trump’s success in the GOP primary and general election has highlighted an em.....»»

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Will CPAC Adapt to Trumpism?

The Conservative Political Action Conference, better known as CPAC, starts this week. For those who are unfamiliar with CPAC, it is an annual event that t.....»»

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Despite OPEC Cuts, Global Glut Grows A Million Barrels a Day

Last week saw the release of the OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report for February (pdf), which covers global oil data for.....»»

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New Record Highs for US Oil Exports, for Gasoline Inventories, and for Oil Inventories

This week's oil data for the week ending February 10th from the US Energy Information Administration showed that our imports of crude oil fell back from last week's 4 year high but still remained elev.....»»

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OPEC cuts their oil output but keeps on drilling

Oil continued to trade in a narrow range last week as news that OPEC had achieved 90% compliance to their agreed to production cuts offset the news that US oil supplies saw their 2nd largest weekly jump in the EIA's records.   Share.....»»

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Over Half a Trillion 2016 Trade Deficit

The U.S. December 2016 monthly trade deficit decreased 3.2% from last month and now stands at $44.3 billion.  For all of 2016, the trade deficit increas.....»»

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Tariffs are the American Way

Tariffs are the American Way Share.....»»

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Nothing Special in the Unemployment Report

January is the month when annual adjustments are added to the unemployment report.  These adjustments are just tacked onto the month of January, hence one cannot compare the past month without removing these figures.  Yet, with or with.....»»

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“Make It So!”

Mr. Trump’s staff appear to have abandoned the use of the term “alternative fact” for the time being, if not the notion that it could refer to something meaningful and .....»»

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What do the ‘accidentally’ leaked Soros short positions tell us?

The Hungarian businessman George Soros h.....»»

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But What About My True Conservatism?

Once you ge.....»»

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Trump"s Third Day

On Trump’s third day Trump is one up on the Establishment.....»»

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The President’s Latest Controversy

I hesitated before using my posting title above, because anyone who reads this post one day late will think it’s about whatever new controversy Trump’s has stirred up on that particular day, not the one that was raging today. Share.....»»

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Q4 GDP A Bumbling 1.9%

The GDP i.....»»

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The Deniers

There are all kinds of facts: historical facts, judicial facts, scientific facts, among others. And now there are “alternative facts.” The difference is there are rules for de.....»»

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China Moves to Curb Bitcoin following Capital Flight

Bitcoin – the world’s largest cryptocurrency- has become embroiled in a burg.....»»

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Industrial Production Pops On Bad Weather

The Federal Reserve Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization report shows industrial production soared 0.8% in December after a November -0.7% decline.  The reason for the December increase was utilities.  Utilities jumped up .....»»

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Trump"s Cabinet of Peers

When Trump first started.....»»

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