High Noon: Stocks Soar as Shutdown Showdown Ends

Main indices closed higher Monday, as the Senate voted to reopen government. Not that investors really cared. Fundamentals currently outweigh politics......»»

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Things to Know About MLPs

Master Limited Partnerships have been popular income investments for a long time. Lately they have fallen out of investors' favor. We take a look at some pros and cons of owning MLPs......»»

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Wall Street Shrugs Off Shutdown Threat; Markets Close Higher

Lawmakers struggled to avert a government shutdown Friday. Investors couldn’t care less; they focused instead on positive data. The main indices closed higher.  .....»»

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Hurry Up and Wait for This High Yielder

No one is irreplaceable. But when one of your favorite fund managers retires, it creates uncertainty. Should you stick with the new guys or find a new fund? That decision is even harder when the fund yields nearly 7.4%......»»

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As the Rally Takes a Breather, Aerospace Takes Flight

Falling oil prices and fears of a government shutdown pushed markets lower Thursday. But amid the investment clouds, aerospace/defense bursts through......»»

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Japanese Candlestick Whodunit: Bearish Engulfing or Dark Cloud Cover?

A bearish reversal pattern on Tuesday, January 16th suggests some downside follow-through through the end of January options expiration week, but the bull should soon return......»»

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Dow Tops 26K; Bitcoin Bites the Dust (Again)

Strong economic data pushed Wall Street’s main indices higher. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above the 26,000-landmark. But Bitcoin continued its ride into the cellar......»»

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Blazing Wages Set Economy on Fire

Some market watchers are worried that Walmart's recent pay hike is the start of a wage war. But worker pay has been inching up for months and will be the icing on the cake for the domestic economy......»»

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Dark Tales from the Crypto: Markets Fall Amid Bitcoin Bloodbath

Cryptocurrencies collapsed on Tuesday. The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq also fell. Is a reckoning at hand?.....»»

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Dispatch From The Permian Basin

The Permian Basin is booming as never before. This week I take you there. .....»»

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Required Minimum Distributions, When to Take Them?

The IRS requires you to take money from tax-deferred investment accounts once you turn a certain age. We discuss reasons why you may want to take the money early or late in the year......»»

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Oh, the Humanity! 4 Stocks that Crashed and Burned

Here’s a look at four stocks that quickly crashed to earth — and the lessons you can glean from their fall from grace......»»

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Bitcoin for Chickens – Part 2

Yesterday, I promised that I would show you three examples of triple-digit annualized gains that we gave you for free last year. Here they are, along with one that could do the same this year......»»

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Markets Shrug Off Bond Fears, Post Record Gains

Major indices returned to positive territory Thursday. The focus shifted from interest rates and bonds to earnings......»»

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Bitcoin for Chickens – Part 1


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Markets Fall on Weak Jobs Data, Bond Jitters

Jobless claims and interest rates are on the rise. That’s a recipe for stock market losses. Major indices closed lower on Wednesday......»»

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Will Unicorns Start Migrating to the IPO Market? Good News for Small Investors

A recent round of investment in Uber highlights a possible problem in the land of unicorns. If private companies start choosing the public IPO market over private equity investments, small investors should enjoy big gains......»»

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Stocks Surf Higher on Tech’s “Next Wave”

The major indices soared to new records on Tuesday. The impetus for the continued rally? Technology’s new phase of innovation......»»

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My 2018 Energy Sector Predictions

Look for U.S. oil production to reach a new record high in 2018. Also look for the patience of Tesla investors to be tested this year......»»

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After a Torrid Start to 2018, Markets Hit the “Pause” Button

Major indices closed mixed on Monday, as Wall Street waits for the next round of earnings numbers. The specter of inflation looms large.  .....»»

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