Who Benefits From the Package Traffic Jam?

Packages are taking longer to arrive on your doorstep. Many companies are complaining their profits are getting jammed due to higher freight expenses. How to find the companies that will benefit from these increased costs......»»

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Powell Sends Investors Racing for the Exits

Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s remarks Tuesday caused investors to worry anew about stirring inflation and rising interest rates. The main indices closed sharply lower......»»

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Should BP’s Peak Oil Forecast Concern Investors?

BP's latest Energy Outlook made headlines last week when it moved up the timing of peak oil demand. But investors in the energy sector have no reason to panic. .....»»

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What Correction? Stocks Soar as FAANG Bites Back

Fears of inflation and rising bond yields dissipated Monday, as the mega-cap tech leaders lifted Wall Street......»»

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If the Worst Happens, This Has You Covered

In a tumultuous world it would be foolish not to have some gold. Not only would it fly in the face of relatively recent events, it also would fly in the face of history......»»

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Other People’s Money: The Power of Leverage

As volatility and uncertainty increase on Wall Street, so are concerns about leverage. But here’s why the judicious use of debt to boost returns can be a good thing......»»

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How to Avoid Outliving Your Money in Retirement – Part 2

Some of the investments being pushed on baby boomers by Wall Street that create the appearance of steady income but carry more risk than you may realize......»»

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Worried About Large-Cap Losses? Think Small

Recent sharp declines among overvalued large-cap stocks highlight the wisdom of seeking small-cap alternatives, which are poised to outperform in 2018. Expect big things from the small fry......»»

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How to Avoid Outliving Your Money in Retirement – Part 1

Sooner or later, this is the question most retirees will have to ask themselves since few have the financial means to support their desired standard of living using only treasury bonds......»»

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Emerging Markets Are an Ignored Bargain

As U.S. stocks gyrate, consider often ignored equities and funds in developing nations. Now’s the time to diversify overseas......»»

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Instacart Piles Into Grocery Delivery With New Funding- Who Wins?

Instacart's new infusion of cash values the company 24% higher than last year. How and why grocery delivery companies are the most popular ones on the block and how to prosper from this giant trend......»»

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Investing*

*But were afraid to ask......»»

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My Favorite MLP Soars Above The Crowd

Although Master Limited Partnerships remain in a bear market, one unconventional MLP has risen well above the pack......»»

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Eat the Bear (Before the Bear Eats You)

Steep stock market declines this month could be the prelude for worse to come. Here are five ways to protect your portfolio from further mauling......»»

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How To Profit As Inflation Explodes

Inflation could be higher than most people expect. What can income investors do to hedge against the crippling effects of inflation? The key is to find stocks likely to raise dividends faster than inflation......»»

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Consumers to the Rescue: Upbeat Data Drive Stocks Higher

Markets opened strong today. But new indictments in the Russia probe took the steam out of the rally. Stocks seesawed. In the end, positive consumer data saved the day......»»

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How to Get Paid to Buy Low

Reinvestment accounts for about half the m.....»»

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Investors on Inflation: What, Me Worry? Stocks Soar in Broad Rally

Investors shrugged off inflation fears, for now. Stocks today racked up their fifth positive session in a row......»»

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The Return of the King

For all those investors out there still holding onto to shares of overvalued momentum stocks, it’s time to get serious about how much downside risk you’re willing to take, and how much cash flow you will need from your investments to make ends meet......»»

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Bond Vigilantes Ride Again: Stocks Rise But Rate Jitters Persist

In the wake of worrisome inflation data, stocks pared early losses to close higher Wednesday. Bond yields rose, as traders reacted to the prospect of massive budget deficits......»»

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