Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency is Already Under Attack on Multiple Fronts

It has barely been two months since Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s long awaited foray into the cryptocurrency ma.....»»

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Thailand Urges Fake news-busting Centers Across SE Asia

Thailand’s telecoms regulator has suggested that tech firms open cen.....»»

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Nigerian Logistics Tech Firm Kobo360 Raises $30m Funding

Kobo360, a Nigerian logistics startup, has won $30 .....»»

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U.K. Government Ponders Fines for Harmful Online Videos

Britain’s government is considering emboldening its media watchdog, Ofcom, with powers to issue large fines for tech platforms whose video content is deemed “harmful” to youngsters. The propo.....»»

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Why has it taken Asia to Kickstart Latin America’s Tech Boom?

Oftentimes at tech events, when companies pitch the breadth of t.....»»

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Israel’s OurCrowd Launches first Latin American Event in São Paulo

Israeli equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd has announced its first event in Latin America, as the company aims to spread its influence on the continent. OurCrowd Sync: Sao Paulo 2019, an invite-only e.....»»

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Klarna Raises $460m, Plans Massive U.S. Expansion

Swedish payment startup Klarna has announced a $460 million equity funding round, as it sets its sights firml.....»»

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Japan Government Unveils $1 Billion Cyborg Project

Age-combating cyborg technology is among a raft of solutions the Japanese government will throw almost $1 billion at,.....»»

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The United States is Right to Exercise Caution over Huawei—But Donald Trump Risks Missing his Target

It’s unlike U.S. President Donald Trump to miss a chance to rattle a stars-and-stripes saber.....»»

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Apple to Boost 5G with $1 Billion Intel Buy—But is it Real?

The news that Apple is lining up Intel’s smartphone modem chip business for a $1 billion buyout has sent shockwaves through the tech industry, with some calling it a pivotal moment for… The post Apple to Boost 5G with $1 Billi.....»»

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Chinese Tech Share Boom, as Domestic Stock Exchange Opens

Shares on Shanghai’s newly-launched stock exchange have rocketed 520%, as domestic investors show faith in the country’s.....»»

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Virgin Galactic to go Public With SPAC

Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s space tourism company, is to go public by merging with the s.....»»

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Google Whistleblower Launches Ethics Project

A former Google employee who quit the firm in protest last year has launched a new project to make tech whistleblowing easier. Jack Poulson left his role at the giant over its… The post Google Whistleblower Launches.....»»

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Scooter Investment Continues Despite Challenges

It’s difficult to walk around most major cities without seeing at least one rented scooter fly past, and investors are still keen to pump money into the startups behind the craze. But… The post Scooter I.....»»

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Inxeption Brings Blockchain and Competition to E-Commerce

Most entrepreneurs gamble when they start a company—few were born from a bet. Inxeption, an E-commerce platform built o.....»»

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Protected: 2019 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Logistics

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: 2019 Red .....»»

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Brussels Shows Up America’s Toothless Big Tech Reaction

Last month, as Mark Zuckerberg faced questions from US senato.....»»

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Alphabet Posts Strong Quarterly Profits on Advertising Boost


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Lenovo Could be Dropped from Hong Kong Index, as Huge Slide Continues

Chinese computing firm Lenovo could lose its spot on Hong Kong’s equity index, as it sheds value more than any other technology company. The Beijing- and Morrisville, North Carolina-headquarter.....»»

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impACT is Bringing Conflict-hit Entrepreneurs out from the Cold

Last May a truck bomb detonated in Kab.....»»

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