Taiwan’s Government Pours $527m into AI Capability

Taiwan’s government has announced plans to invest NT$16 billion ($527m) into the country’.....»»

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3D Printing: The Coolest Objects We Can Make Today

3D printing has come a long way. The first 3D-printed object was a small, black cup-shaped item, created .....»»

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Indonesia’s Tokopedia wins $1.1bn Alibaba-led Round

Tokopedia, one of southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce companies, has received a $1.1 bil.....»»

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Mexico City: The 22 Million-Strong Underdog of Mexican Tech

Why doesn’t Mexico City, Mexico’s giant, sprawling capital, win more tech plaud.....»»

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Tech Rounds on American Far-Right, as Trump Loses Intel from Manufacturing Council

The events in Charlottesville have shamed America, and shocked the rest of the world. The sight of neo-Nazis marching through an American city conjures all kinds of horrors from a past many… The post Tech Rounds on Am.....»»

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Is Tech Lefthandist?

Today is International Lefthanders Day. Left-handed people of old never had such a celebration. Just centuries previously, should you have picked up a pen (or quill) with .....»»

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Hackerbay is Harnessing the Dark Arts – And It’s Winning

If you press the buzzer at Hackerbay’s Berlin office, no-one comes to the door. Instead, its team have built a custom door-.....»»

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Zap&Go Charges Device in Under 15 Seconds, Targets Lucrative Electronic Vehicle Market

Rapid-charge battery technology will soon become a behe.....»»

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DiDi Makes Next Move in Ride-Hail ‘Game of Risk’ with Careem Investment

China’s DiDi Chuxing has made another big move in the global ride-hailing market, by partnering with Middle Eastern brand Careem. The Dubai-based firm claims to be present in 80 Midd.....»»

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Google Couldn’t Buy Snap–Will It Beat It Instead?

The web sprang into life last week with the news that G.....»»

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“We Want to Promote Sustainable Entrepreneurship”: Monaco’s New Incubator Sets its Hopes High

The tiny European nation of Monaco is known for many things, not least its casinos, marin.....»»

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Impossible Made Possible: California Foodtech Startup Wins $75m Round

Impossible Foods, the plant-based burger company, has secured a $75 million funding round from some of the world’s richest people–as it locks in.....»»

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Revolut: Speed, Efficiency and Scale for a Fintech Heavyweight

London-based fintech firm Revolut has emerged as a heavyweight of the European scene. The company, which pledges to offer pre-paid card customers real-time exchange rates and .....»»

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Tijuana: From Sin City to Software Sanctuary

When Ramon Toledo ditched a career in diplomacy for.....»»

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Is Uber on the Wane? Don’t Bet on it Yet

Earlier this week DiDi Chuxing and SoftBank plowed $2 billion into Grab, the largest ride-hailing company in Southeast Asia, val.....»»

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Samsung NEXT Choses Berlin over London – But British Capital to Follow Soon, Says MD

When Samsung NEXT announced that it would be setting up its European shop in the German capital city of Berlin, headlines focused instead on .....»»

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SIM Card Fraud is Real and Damaging – Here’s How to Stop It

That tiny chip buried deep in smartphones, which requires a pin-like device to remove, might seem securely locked away. But the lack of physical access to SIM card.....»»

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Didi and SoftBank to Pour $2bn into Taxi Firm Grab

DiDi Chuxing and SoftBank are investing a combined $2 billion in Grab, formerly known as GrabTaxi, Southeast Asia’s .....»»

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As we’ve discussed before at Red Herring, esports is no flash in the pan. Millions turn out to watch its biggest.....»»

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Cape Town is Battling its Nation’s Economic Woes to Become Africa’s Tech Capital

South Africa is suffering an economic crisis. Growth has slowed to 0.3%, its slowest since 2009, and unemployment is at a 14-year high of 27.7%. Manufacturing and agricultural job markets have shrunk.… The post Cape Town is.....»»

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