Investigative Journalism Startup The Markup Gets $20m from Craigslist Founder

Investigative journalism nonprofit The Markup, founded by two of the .....»»

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After 2017’s “Cowboy” Crypto Era, Iceland’s Miners Look Forward to a Divested Future

Last December, as bitcoin reached its highest price, Advania, Iceland’s largest data center provider, struggled under the weight of demand from foreigners desperate to tap into the country’s unique, crypto-friendly metrics. “We&#.....»»

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Progress Speeds Up on Dubai to Abu Dhabi UAE Hyperloop

Five years after Elon Musk imagined the Hyperloop, two companies are vying to make it a reality between the United Arab Emirates’ two most prom.....»»

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Here Are Macau’s Three Most Exciting Startups

Hong Kong may be recognized as the tech darling of China’s south coast. But its sister territory, just a four-hour ferry across the Zhujiang River Estuary, has a startup scene of its… The post Here Are Macau’s Three Most.....»»

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DEVCON CEO Maggie Louie: “Too Many Ad-Theft Companies are Fear Mongers”

For an industry as brittle as publishing, advertising fraud can be fatal. Accordin.....»»

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Confusion Reigns, As EU’s “Meme-Killing” Law Passes

This week the European Union voted in Articles 11 and 13, its new copyright directive some have dubbed the “war on memes.....»»

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Apple’s iPhone Unveiling Coincides with US Tech Stock Tumble

Yesterday Apple unveiled its latest iPhone models, the XS and XS Max, at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The new versions offer 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch screens, with A12 bionic.....»»

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Californian Cannabis Tech Firm Treez Wins $11.5m Funding

Oakland-based Treez, a manageme.....»»

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On International Literacy Day, Three Gadgets that Changed How We Read Forever

The written word has come a long, long way since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press .....»»

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Four FoodTech Startups Changing the Way we Eat

Climate change and population growth is already putting a huge strain on the global food indus.....»»

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Cerebri AI Targeted Fortune 500 Early – And Succeeded

When it comes to a company’s customers, what does.....»»

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Nokia and Ericsson’s Baltic Battle a Barometer for the Future of 5G

This June, Finnish mobile giant Nokia’s shares plummeted almost 10% after missing profit predictions based on its 5G solutions. CEO Rajiv Suri claimed that the company’s fortunes would pick up in the&.....»»

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For Yossi Yamin, Space Lab Technician, The Sky was Never the Limit

Many of the world’s most amazing experiments aren’t even carried out on earth. The International Space Station (ISS) is home to some striking research, including the creation of the universe’s coldest plac.....»»

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In the Shadow of a Crashing Economy, Venezuelans Find Solace in Dash

Venezuela is sinking into failed-state territory. Inflation is on course to reach a million percent, crime is epidemic, and neighboring countries are sending .....»»

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Swag’r CEO Greg Williams: “Millennials are Looking to Have Experiences with Brands”

In 2014, Greg Williams had an idea. The smartphone era was already in full swing, and mobile advertising was on the up. Williams, a serial entrepreneur and e-commerce veteran, saw that students… The post Swag’r CEO Greg William.....»»

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Four Beijing-Based Unicorns You May Never Have Heard Of

In case you’ve been l.....»»

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Drones, Soybeans, Farms and Yoga: The Life of Aker’s Orlando Saez, an Agritech Rising Star

Orlando Saez.....»»

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Silicon States: Lucie Greene Explores Big Tech’s New World

Renowned futurist and global think-tank leader Lucie Greene has spent years honing her expertise on the tech industry. .....»»

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Sequoia Closes India and SE Asia Fund at $695m

Sequoia Capital has closed its latest fund for India and southeast Asia at $695 million. It is the Californian VC’s sixth in India since it expanded into the country in 2012, whi.....»»

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Elon Musk: Down, Not Yet Out

Is Elon Musk really, as Wired posited yesterday, “broken”? Sure, the Tesla and SpaceX chief may have come across even more unhinged than usual these past months, missin.....»»

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