Tesla Latest on Ventilator Based on Model 3 Tech

Automaker Tesla has provided updates on the ventilator it is prototyping, based on technology used in its Model 3 car. In a video posted to the comp.....»»

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Mercedes Formula One Team Helps Develop Breathing Aids

A team of experts—including clinicians at the Mercedes Formula One racing team—has developed a breathing aid that can keep Coronavirus patients out of intensive care units. The Continuous Positive Airway Pr.....»»

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Bosch Claims Invention of 2.5-hour COVID-19 Test

Bosch claims it has invented a fully-automated test that diagnoses respiratory pathogens, including COVID-19, in under two-and-a-half hours. The test, working on.....»»

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Coronavirus Stretches Germany’s Culture of Data Privacy

Like many states, Germany is currently on lockdown. Bars, restaurants and stores are shuttered. The border is closed. Groups of more than two people are verboten. Capital city Berlin, known for its… The post C.....»»

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Governments Are Increasingly Using Location Data to Battle Coronavirus

Governments around the world are increasingly using mobile location data to help fight the spread of coronavirus.  South Korea has used cell .....»»

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Graphics Duo Wins Turing Award, ‘Tech’s Nobel Prize’

A computer graphics pair whose breakthroughs enabled movies like “Toy Story” and other digital effects, won .....»»

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The Best Tech for a Home Office

As services shutter and borders clo.....»»

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Israel to Employ “Anti-Terror” Tech to Combat Coronavirus Spread

Israel will use counter-terror tec.....»»

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UK Urges Corona Tech Togetherness, Ahead of “Digital Dunkirk”

Downing Street, the residence of British Prime.....»»

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Uber Stocks Tumble, as Company Ponders Coronavirus Driver Suspension

Uber’s share price has plummeted almost 10%, as the ride-hail comp.....»»

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UK Outlines $1bn “Blue Skies” Tech Fund to Rival US and China

The British government has announced plans for a $1 billion (£800m) moonshot tech-fundin.....»»

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Companies Offer Remote Solutions, As Corona Forces More to Work from Home

Several companies have scrambled to offer collaboration and security sol.....»»

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Dorsey to Stay as Twitter and Activist Investor Agree Truce

Twitter has negotiated a truce with the activist investor hedge fund manager Elliott Management, which will see current CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey remain in charge of the social media company.  Elliott… The post Dorsey to S.....»»

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Edete CEO and Co-Founder Ran: “Our Tech is a Leading Plan-B for Global Agriculture”

Bees perform around 80% of all pollination worldwide, and support arou.....»»

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China is Showing How Web Censorship is a Public Health Risk

Last week China unveiled a new law effectively banning its Internet users from posting negative .....»»

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RTP Global Launches $650m Early-stage Fund

Russian investment firm RTP Global has announced a $6.....»»

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Mega-Investor Singer “Aims to Oust” Twitter’s Dorsey

An activist investme.....»»

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US Feels Heat of Coronavirus Spread

The United States is feeling the pressure of the rapidly-spreading Coronavirus, with major events canceled, stocks tumbling and a Pre.....»»

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Rajeev Misra, Head of SoftBank Vision Fund, Accused of “Honey Trap” Plot

Rajeev Misra.....»»

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Can Big Tech Quell Disinformation Ahead of America’s Vote?

The United States’ 2020 Presidential election will come at a pivotal moment for its tech industry. A report released by the Pew Research Study yesterday found that almost three quarters.....»»

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