"The World Could Look Like This": Weather Channel Unveils Global Warming Apocalypse Propaganda

"The World Could Look Like This": Weather Channel Unveils Global Warming Apocalypse Propaganda The Weather Channel aired its doom-mongering special: "2020: Race to Save the P.....»»

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Antarctica Is Melting At Extremely Fast Pace, New Study Warns

The increasing concern of global warming around the world is no news to us. Hurricanes, floods, extreme weather oscillations, icebergs melting and coral bleaching are just signs that our planet is g.....»»

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IBM"s Watson and The Weather Channel"s new county-by-county interactive map of COVID-19 cases is one of the first of its kind

IBM/The Weather Channel IBM and its subsidiary, The Weather Channel, have rolled out new tools that track the spread of COVID-19. The maps runs on IBM's Watson, combining data from the World Health Organization wi.....»»

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Propaganda, Money-Printing, & Trump-Tweets Cannot Overcome A Global Pandemic

Propaganda, Money-Printing, & Trump-Tweets Cannot Overcome A Global Pandemic Authored by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog, Spirits In The Material World There is no political solution To our troubled evolution Have no faith i.....»»

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BlackRock takes tougher stance on climate after activist heat

BlackRock Chief Executive Larry Fink has warned company boards to step up efforts to tackle climate change, marking a significant shift in the public stance of the world's biggest investment manager amid mounting concerns about global warming......»»

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Extreme weather seen impacting oil prices in 2020 as well as geopolitics

Extreme weather events may have as much impact on world oil supply, demand and prices as geopolitical risks in 2020, according to S&P Global Platts annual outlook......»»

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Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Won’t Peak Until After 2040

In its 2019 World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency paints a bleak picture for cutting emissions quickly enough and by a large enough amount to meet the goal of keeping global warming........»»

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Seattle"s TCS World Travel unveils VIP Airbus A321 jet for global trips (Photos)

The aircraft will replace a Boeing 757 when it enters service in 2021 and burn 20 percent less fuel than the 757......»»

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Is Global Warming Really An Existential Threat?

Via Cliff Mass Weather and Climate blog, During th.....»»

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Dangerous, drug-resistant fungal infections may increase with global warming

Fungus Candida auris has cropped up simultaneously in far corners of the world — atypical behavior for a spreading fungus that usually radiates from one location, leading scientists to theorize that global warming is in part responsible......»»

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It’s 117 Degrees in One Place Today, and -87 Degrees in Another

The effects of global warming have continued to make the average temperatures across the world rise to all-time record levels most months. The rates at which Antarctic ice melts continues to be........»»

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Scientists Try To Solve Mystery Of Coral Reef Halos

It’s no secret coral reefs around the world are compromised as a result of various human activities, one of which is human-induced global warming, as well as fishing. Meanwhile, researchers face difficulties studying remote coral reef locat.....»»

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For richer, for poorer: Global warming has made the world's rich richer and the poor poorer, study says

Due in part to rising temperatures from human-caused climate change, the gap between the world's poorest and richest people has increased in the past half-century.   .....»»

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The Global Warming Apocalypse Has Been Postponed


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The $5 trillion global insurance industry"s natural disaster problem

Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, and more costly. According to one estimate, natural disasters caused about $340 billion in damage across the world in 2017. And insurers had to pay out a record $138 billion. The $5 trillion global.....»»

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World wine output falls to 60-year low

Global wine production dropped dramatically in 2017, with a decrease of 8.6 percent compared to 2016 figures. As Silvia Antonioli reports, the international wine organisation the OIV said it was mainly to poor weather conditions in Europe......»»

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World wine output falls to 60-year low

PARIS (Reuters) - Global wine output fell to its lowest level in 60 years in 2017 due to poor weather conditions in the European Union that slashed production in the bloc, international wine organization OIV said......»»

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Global Trade War Could Not Have Come At A Worse Time

Despite all the propaganda that the world had reached utopia.....»»

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Oil companies ask judge to kill NYC"s global-warming lawsuit

Five of the world's biggest oil companies asked a judge to throw out New York City's lawsuit seeking to hold them responsible for costs related to the environmental changes caused by their... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Strict curbs on global warming to buoy world economy: Study

The report said the toughest temperature curbs would benefit 90 percent of the world's population, especially in poor nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America......»»

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World Bank Sees Synchronized Growth Intact

The global economy appears poised to weather turmoil in some emerging markets, a political upheaval in Italy and an aggressive round of trade actions from the U.S., the World Bank says......»»

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