A photographer"s drone pictures show some of Asia"s most eye-catching temples from above

Courtesy of Eleonora Costi Asia has a.....»»

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I"ve been traveling in Asia for 3 weeks in the midst of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, and actually catching the virus is far from my biggest fear

Kate Taylor/Business Insider Three weeks into a two-month trip throughout Asia,.....»»

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Photo shows an extraordinarily overloaded Chinese worker delivering massive amounts of food because no one wants to go outside and risk catching coronavirus

Zhu Weihui/The Paper (Pengpai News) A striking photo captured by a Chinese photographer shows the struggle of living under fear of contracting the coronavirus in China.  As of Tuesday, the virus has killed at least 1,100 people and in.....»»

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A photographer recreates iconic movie scenes with perfectly placed pictures

Courtesy of Thomas Duke Thomas Duke is a photographer and film student based in the UK. On his Instagram, @steppingthroughfilm, he recreates famous movie and TV scenes by lining up photos of the characters with the real-life loca.....»»

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El Chapo"s daughter got married in a lavish but secretive wedding, complete with fireworks, armored cars, and cartel gunmen

Screenshot/Mail Online Alejandrina, the daughter of notorious cartel boss El Chapo, got married in a lavish ceremony in Mexico that came complete with armored cars and cartel gunmen as security guards. Pictures and videos on social media show the bride,.....»»

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Photos show hundreds of people queuing up for face masks across Asia, as coronavirus spreads

Getty As the Wuhan coronavirus continues to grip several countries across Asia, hundreds of people are queueing up in front of hospitals and pharmacies to buy face masks. Locals in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China are taking to social media to sh.....»»

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Dolly Parton sparked a viral meme and inspired celebrities to show the difference between their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tinder pictures

Getty Dolly Parton shared four photos of herself to Instagram on Tuesday and labeled them "LinkedIn," "Facebook," "Instagram," and "Tinder." The 74-year-old singer captioned the photos, "Get you a woman who can do it all."  The collag.....»»

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24 times "Game of Thrones" actors have worked together outside of Westeros

Sony Pictures There are over 200 films featuring a combination of various "Game of Thrones" actors. Many actors worked together before the show first aired in 2011. The cast have worked together in .....»»

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Prince William mistook a childhood photo of himself for Princess Charlotte, and we found 6 pictures that show how similar they are

Chris Jackson/Getty Images They say, "like father, like daughter" — and in some cases, it's difficult to spot the difference between the two. That's what happened to Prince William when he misto.....»»

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New, detailed pictures of planets, moons, and comets are neither photos nor animations — they"re made using data from 50 years of NASA missions

D. Finnin/© AMNH Visualizing distant planets, moons, and comets in our solar system can be challenging. Typically, astronomers use images from NASA missions or artistic renditions to show what space objects look like. Now,.....»»

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Photos show the precautions being taken to try and stop the deadly, rapidly spreading Wuhan virus

Getty Health authorities and airports around the world are taking precautions against the deadly disease spreading across Asia, known colloquially as the Wuhan virus.  Thes.....»»

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Vintage photos of pet portraits that show the unbreakable bond between people and animals

R.K.O. Radio Pictures/Sunset Boulev.....»»

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16 pictures that show how much being an American bartender has changed in the 100 years since Prohibition

January 16 marks the 100 year anniversary of the start of Prohibition, when the US banned the sale and manufacturing of alcohol. Though bartending used to be considered a "seedy" profession because of its associ.....»»

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Leaked images suggest Samsung"s next flagship phone will be the Galaxy S20 with 4 cameras and no Bixby button

XDA Developers Pictures of Samsung's next flagship smartphone appear to have been leaked to phone news site XDA Developers. The pictures show the phone will be called the "Galaxy S20," features at least four camera lenses, and doesn't feature a dedicat.....»»

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People with the "Truman Show delusion" believe they"re always being watched. The psychiatrist who coined the term says this paranoia is evolving as technology changes.

Paramount Pictures In the film "The Truman S.....»»

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Will Smith admits he "wasn"t happy" with his sequel to "Men in Black": "I had fumbled a couple of my last sequels"

NBC and Columbia Pictures Will Smith appeared on NBC's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday and spoke about his upcoming movie "Bad Boys for Life," which h.....»»

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A photographer captured the sun looking like devil horns off the coast of Qatar during an eclipse

Elias Chasiotis The sun appears to have devil horns in stunning pictures taken off the coast of Al Wakrah, Qatar by photographer Elias Chasiotis. The photos were taken during an eclipse at sunrise on D.....»»

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Drone security system watches over home from above

A drone company has launched a new home security system at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas. The system consists of sensors, drones and a water-proof charging system. (Jan. 9) &#.....»»

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2019 Year in Review: The year in pictures (gallery)

MSPBJ photographer .....»»

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A street photographer traveled around the world to take action-packed shots of adorable dogs

Chris Porsz British photographer Chris Porsz has traveled the world taking pictures of adorable dogs for his new book "Barking." Porsz first began his photography career taking pic.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderDec 24th, 2019

One photo shows why Boeing had to shut down production of its grounded 737 Max

Reuters Striking photographs show almost 100 fuselages of Boeing 737 Max planes sitting useless at a Kansas factory parking lot. The pictures, taken at the headquarters of the supplier Spirit AeroSystems in Wichita, Kansas, illustrate the prob.....»»

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