Billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel warns bitcoin might serve as a Chinese financial weapon against the US - and says it threatens the dollar

The PayPal and Palantir cofounder made the suggestion during a discussion about China disliking that the US dollar is the world's reserve c.....»»

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Peter Thiel: China could use bitcoin as a "financial weapon against the US"

Tech investor and PayPal co-found Peter Thiel believes China can use the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a “financial weapon” against the U.S......»»

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"Pro-Crypto" Peter Thiel Warns Bitcoin "Could Be A Chinese Financial Weapon Against The US"

'Pro-Crypto' Peter Thiel Warns B.....»»

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Billionaire investor Peter Thiel called out Apple and Google, warned about TikTok and bitcoin, and criticized China at a recent event. Here are the 17 best quotes.

The PayPal and Palantir cofounder said he was also worried about AI and wanted to restrict US investors' access to Chinese.....»»

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Key Words: China may be using bitcoin as ‘financial weapon’ against U.S., says Peter Thiel

Billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel is worried that China is using bitcoin to undermine the U.S......»»

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Apple, Google, Bitcoin Acting Against US Interests And In Favor Of China, Says Peter Thiel

Venture capitalist and tech investor Peter Thiel has criticized U.S. technology giants Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and Apple Inc. read more.....»»

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Billionaire investor Sam Zell questions Tesla and Bitcoin, predicts workers will return to offices, and warns the US dollar could be replaced as the world"s reserve currency in a new interview. Here are the 15 best quotes.

"The world is full of skeletons of people who believed they could get out before the bad event came," the Equity Group Investments ch.....»»

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Trump threatens to investigate Google for ‘treason’

On a new crusade against Google, tech investor Peter Thiel found a sympathetic audience this week with President Donald Trump, who vowed to investigate the tech investor's unsubstantiated claims that Google may have committed “treason” by worki.....»»

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Trump suggests federal agencies should look into Google"s China ties

President Trump suggested that the U.S. government should look into national-security concerns raised by billionaire investor and Facebook Inc. board member Peter Thiel about Google’s ties to the Chinese government......»»

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Market Extra: Trump says ally and tech investor Thiel ‘believes Google should be investigated for treason’ and he will ’take a look’

President Donald Trump says his administration will “take a look” at allegations made by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel that Google-parent Alphabet Inc. has been infiltrated by the Chinese government......»»

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Peter Thiel says FBI, CIA should probe Google’s ‘seemingly treasonous’ ties to China

Billionaire claims tech giant has been infiltrated, works with Chinese military.....»»

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"Everything Has Gone Wrong": Soros Warns "Major" Financial Crisis Is Coming

In a speech delivered Tuesday in Paris, billionaire investor George Soros warned that the world could be on the brink of another devastating financial crisis, as debt crises reemerge in Europe and a strengthening dollar pressures both.....»»

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Billionaire Investor Jim Breyer Warns of ‘Nuclear Winter’ for Cryptocurrency. Here’s Why He Remains Unfazed.

Bitcoin bubbles, dotcom disaster, AI winters—he's seen it all before. Greetings from China, where Fortune just concluded its 2018 Global Tech Forum in Guangzhou,.....»»

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Apple Warns App Makers: Don"t Even Think About Unauthorized Tracking

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is warning Chinese app developers and tech companies not to circumvent its new privacy rules that are expected to roll out this spring, according to a report by the Financial Times. read more.....»»

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How Facebook board member, Trump adviser, and billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel led Silicon Valley"s elite to buy doomsday bunkers in New Zealand

Shutterstock and Neilson Barnard/Getty The Silicon Valley tech elite, perhaps out of .....»»

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Peter Thiel-Backed Startup Begins Mining Bitcoin In US To Counter Chinese Dominance

Bitcoin mining startup Layer1 Technologies has started operations at its West Texas factory, it announced Wednesday. read more.....»»

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Billionaire Peter Thiel Sells A Majority Of His Remaining Facebook Stake

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel sold a majority of his remaining stake in Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) last Thursday, a regulatory filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has shown. read more.....»»

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Bleakley"s Peter Boockvar Talks About Buffett"s Tech Data Loss

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett lost a bidding war against private equity giant Apollo Global Management to buy Tech Data Corp (NASDAQ: TECD Latest Ratings .....»»

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"The Bubble"s Already Popped": Peter Schiff Warns "Ignore What The Fed Says, Look At What They Do"

"The Bubble's Already Popped": Peter Schiff Warns "Ignore What The Fed Says, Look At What They Do" Authored by Mac Slavo via, Financial expert Peter Schiff says that people should ditch the dollar. And not just th.....»»

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How Peter Thiel Praised Elon Musk By Calling Him A "Negative Role Model"

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel recently described his close friend and Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk a "negative role model." read more.....»»

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Billionaire investor Peter Thiel says the FBI and CIA should investigate Google

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel said Sunday that the FBI and the CIA should investigate if Google has been infiltra.....»»

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