Bitcoin price vs gold price: Which is more appealing now

Some like to think of bitcoin as a sort of digital gold, but the two are quite different. However, despite their differences, it can be... The post Bitcoin price vs gold price: Which is more appealing now appeared first on ValueWalk......»»

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As Gold Hits 9-Year High, Bitcoin Eyes Price Breakout

Bitcoin is looking to leap key resistance alongside a strong rally in gold, but its role as an inflation hedge is still weak......»»

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Bitcoin News Roundup for June 22, 2020

With gold up and the price of bitcoin treading water, today we're talking academic piracy and Cambodia's blockchain plot to escape the dollar......»»

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Market Wrap: $10,000 Remains Bitcoin’s Price to Beat

Store of value? Bitcoin has outperformed gold and trounced U.S. equities so far this year......»»

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First Mover: Bitcoin Now Crushing Gold After Biggest Price Jump in Six Weeks

"Digital gold" has surged past the yellow metal to become one of the year's best performing assets, up more than 20% in 2020......»»

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Bitcoin Bulls Back in the Driver’s Seat as Price Crosses $10K

Bitcoin has crossed into bullish territory above $10,000 alongside gold's rally toward seven-year highs......»»

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Bitcoin Bulls Back in the Driving Seat as Price Crosses $10K

Bitcoin has crossed into bullish territory above $10,000 alongside gold's rally toward seven-year highs......»»

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Bitcoin Price Will Be Golden in 2020 Thanks to Limited Supply, Increasing Use: Bloomberg Report

Bitcoin, like gold, is a limited asset that can't be easily increased to meet demand. Bloomberg analysts predict the price of both will rise this year......»»

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Bitcoin May Follow Gold With Significant Price Breakout

Bitcoin looks set to take a page out of gold's book and confirm a price breakout on the weekly chart......»»

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Bitcoin as a Safe Haven? US-Iran Tensions Rekindle Debate

Bitcoin’s recent price jump after the U.S. killing of a top Iranian official has rekindled a long-running debate among investors: whether it will work as a safe-haven asset like gold in times of heightened geopolitical and economic turmoil......»»

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Bitcoin Price Set to Outshine Gold and Stocks by Big Margin in 2019

Despite the downtrend in the latter half of 2019, bitcoin is on track to significantly outperform gold and stocks......»»

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Bitcoin and Gold Price Predictions: What’s a better long term bet?

For most people, .....»»

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Bitcoin and Gold Prices Diverge Again, Extending 5-Month Correlation

Bitcoin has shed $1,400 over the last seven days, contradicting gold's 5.4 percent price rise to the highest since February......»»

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Bitcoin-Gold Price Correlation Shows Widest Spread in Over a Year

Correlation isn't causation, but it looks like gold's fall is driving bitcoin prices up......»»

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Gold Shines Brighter With Inverted Yield Curve and Weakening Global Growth

With the overhang and larger media frenzy around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies having witnessed a death of a thousand cuts, the interest in gold has been coming back with a rising price......»»

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Gold Price May Offer Clues About Next Big Bitcoin Move

Bitcoin traders could get cues from an apparent negative correlation that has developed between bitcoin and gold prices......»»

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Bitcoin, Ethereum & Chainlink - American Wrap 8/13

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD hits barriers as selected altcoins rally read more.....»»

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Bitcoin News Roundup for Aug. 13, 2020

With the price of BTC bouncing and ETH miners on the rise, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back for your news roundup!.....»»

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Link Price Surges 32% to Overtake Bitcoin Cash as 5th-Largest Crypto by Market Cap

The native token of decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK) has just claimed a top-five spot in terms of market value......»»

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Market Wrap: Bitcoin Rebounds to $11.5K; Ethereum’s Gas Woes Worsen

Bitcoin’s price is bouncing back as Ethereum fees cause problems......»»

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Token Sales Are Back in 2020

As the price of bitcoin rises, token sales have become trendy once more. Here's how Avalanche, Polkadot and NEAR have fared in 2020......»»

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