CZ’s Twitter Feed Swayed New CoinMarketCap Ranking That Put Binance on Top

CoinMarketCap's new exchange ranking gives its new owner Binance a perfect score. The site's CEO said the decision was in part based on the Twitter "presence and feed" of the exchange's CEO......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskMay 15th, 2020

"Is This China Rally For Real?" - Goldman"s Flows Guru Says "Yes"

"Is This China Rally For Real?" - Goldman's Flows Guru Says 'Yes' On Jan 24th, we posted a recommendation on our Premium-Subscriber twitter feed, sugges.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeMay 3rd, 2024

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic reports reaching space for the third time

On Saturday, Virgin Galactic reported on its Twitter feed that a pair of its pilots had flown to space......»»

Category: topSource: washpostMay 22nd, 2021

Check Out The Charts On These 3 Cryptos

Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC), Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) and Binance Coin (CRYPTO:BNB) are three of the most popular cryptocurrencies at this time, according to coinmarketcap. Below is a technical look at each chart. read more.....»»

Category: blogSource: benzingaApr 16th, 2021

Isolated and facing an impeachment trial, Trump is dedicating his last days to spoiling Biden"s inauguration

Deprived of his Twitter feed and dese.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJan 18th, 2021

Trump"s leaving office. Don"t expect him to leave your news feed

Facebook and Twitter could ban a civilian Trump from their platforms — but they probably won't Facebook and Twitter could ban a civilian Trump from their platforms — but they probably won't.....»»

Category: topSource: latimesDec 13th, 2020

The Unbeatable Bezos

FEEDOn my Twitter feed yesterday, I sent out the following little musing, which garnered a triple digit of “.....»»

Category: blogSource: slopeofhopeApr 17th, 2020

The Margin: John Oliver says one of President Trump’s favorite information sources ‘could end up getting people killed’

The president, whose Twitter feed is littered with OAN mentions, has hailed the right-wing .....»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchApr 6th, 2020

‘They Have the Users’: Binance CEO Explains Why He Bought CoinMarketCap

"Even though their money generation mechanism is not as strong as Binance, they do have the users," CEO CZ tells CoinDesk. "It's a very valuable platform.".....»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskApr 2nd, 2020

Crypto Exchange Binance Suspends Trading Over ‘Systems Messaging Error’

The Binance exchange said an outage was due to system maintenance prompted by a problem with a data feed......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskFeb 19th, 2020

From Xi to Shining Xi

FEEDIncidentally, I ran a poll on my Twitter feed about the market. Let’s see who wins on Monday!.....»»

Category: blogSource: slopeofhopeOct 11th, 2019

Someone Just Hacked Binance Jersey’s Twitter Account

An anonymous Twitter user has successfully hacked Binance Jersey's twitter account......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskAug 16th, 2019

China"s Hu Warns Beijing Is Preparing For Ties With Washington To Further Unravel

Hu Xijin, the Global Times editor whose twitter feed has been described as a weapon used by Beijing to hammer American markets, tweeted yet another warning on Wednesday that the US-China trade war won't be ending any time.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeJun 12th, 2019

Bold words on climate change call for brave action

Think there's no climate-change debate in New York? It's not the insipid one that lingers in some states and on President Donald Trump's Twitter feed. New Yorkers know global warming is real, driven... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

Category: blogSource: crainsnewyorkMar 21st, 2019

Pacific: Elon Musk vs. the world

Elon Musk's frustrations with reporters and analysts are boiling over onto his Twitter feed and earnings calls, highlighting a shift in relations between the Iron Man and those who have historically afforded him hero status......»»

Category: topSource: cnnMay 17th, 2018

Trump Violates First Amendment by Blocking Twitter Users From Feed, Judge Says

A federal judge in Manhattan ruled on Wednesday that President Trump’s practice of blocking Twitter users who criticize him was improper......»»

Category: mediaSource: nytMay 23rd, 2018

Report links high-ranking 76ers executive to Twitter accounts that criticized Joel Embiid, other executives, and appeared to leak player medical info

Matt Rourke/AP A bombshell report by Ben Detrick of The Ringer has linked Philadelphia 76ers’ president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo to five anonymous Twitter accounts. The accounts were critical of 76ers players, including Joel Em.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderMay 30th, 2018

Twitter wants to inject live events into every area of the app - TechCrunch

TechCrunchTwitter wants to inject live events into every area of the appTechCrunchThe chronological news feed has been a bit of a looming specter for Twitter . Sure, it's their .....»»

Category: topSource: googlenewsJun 13th, 2018

Wendy’s edgy Twitter feed strikes the right note in the age of Trump

Wendy’s uses its Twitter feed to promote its own menu and criticize its competition, a tone that resonates at a time when online talk is testing civility......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJun 27th, 2018

Don Jr. & GDP

@TBPInvictus here: Apparently Donald Trump Jr. somehow mistakenly stumbled onto the Twitter feed of the Atlanta Fed, after which he pecked out this tweet:   .....»»

Category: blogSource: TheBigPictureJun 28th, 2018

Trump on OPEC; Brexit warnings; Glencore buyback

1. Trump on OPEC: US investors may have taken a break for the 4th of July, but President Donald Trump was using his Twitter feed to pile pressure on OPEC......»»

Category: topSource: moneyJul 5th, 2018