Dutch Crypto Startups Brawl With Regulators Over Scope of EU Money Laundering Rule

Dutch crypto startups are crying foul as local regulators look to implement the EU 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive ahead of a Jan. 10 deadline......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskDec 3rd, 2019

Dutch Central Bank to Crypto Firms: Register in 2 Weeks or Shut Down

Dutch crypto companies must register with the Netherlands’ central bank by May 18 or cease operations immediately as the country enforces new anti-money laundering regulations required by the European Union......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskMay 5th, 2020

Crypto Exchanges Need Common Messaging to Comply With Travel Rule

From ATMs to cargo containers, standards make global commerce work. The same goes for crypto, which needs standards to comply with anti-money laundering rules......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskFeb 24th, 2020

Dutch Authorities Arrest 2 in Million-Euro Crypto Money Laundering Investigations

Dutch tax enforcers with the Netherlands’ Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service arrested two men Monday for laundering millions of euros in cryptocurrency......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskFeb 20th, 2020

Dutch Derivatives Exchange Deribit to Move to Crypto-Friendly Panama

Deribit will operate out of Panama starting Feb. 10, citing the Netherlands’ presumed adoption of “very strict” anti-money laundering (AML) regulations......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskJan 9th, 2020

Netherlands May Block Foreign Crypto Firms Under Anti-Money Laundering Laws

The current crypto legislation before the Dutch Parliament not only mandates domestic companies register with the central bank but that foreign entities will not be allowed to conduct services within the country......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskSep 11th, 2019

Crypto Firms Serving Netherlands Must Register With Dutch Central Bank

The Dutch Central Bank is taking a tougher stance on the cryptocurrency industry, citing new European Union anti-money laundering laws......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskSep 3rd, 2019

CipherTrace Partners with Maltese Regulators to Manage Risk of Financial Crimes

CipherTrace a blockchain analytics company is partnering with the Republic of Malta s sole financial regulatory agency to ensure that all crypto transactions within the country are free of money laundering and other similar financial crimes As.....»»

Category: futuresSource: nasdaqMar 13th, 2019

Here"s Why Bitcoin Is Tumbling Once Again

The price of bitcoin and most other major cryptocurrencies dropped sharply on Friday after financial regulators in Japan ordered several crypto exchanges to improve their anti-money laundering prac.....»»

Category: personnelSource: nytJun 22nd, 2018

China Police Said to Detain Crypto OTC Traders Amid Money Laundering Crackdown

Chinese police are stepping up efforts in cracking down on illegal economic activities, which now leads to crypto over-the-counter (OTC) traders being detained to assist investigations......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskJul 2nd, 2020

Blockchain Bites: PayPal’s Push, FATF’s Rules and ‘Overstated’ Libra Fears

Industry leaders reflect on PayPal's reported plan to offer direct access to crypto for its 325M users, while banks and crypto startups look for solutions to FATF's Travel Rule......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskJun 23rd, 2020

Fireblocks Adds Crypto-Tracing Tool to Guard Against Money Laundering

Fireblocks has teamed up with Chainalysis to help flag high-risk transactions passing through its platform......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskJun 16th, 2020

Tezos and Algorand Latest to Integrate Tech for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

The integrations would allow the two blockchain projects to track transactions and identify senders, in line with the FATF's "Travel Rule.".....»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskJun 12th, 2020

Crypto Exchange Owner Admits Laundering $1.8M in Online Auctions Fraud

The owner of Romanian crypto exchange CoinFlux has admitted to laundering money in a fraudulent scheme involving fake eBay ads and a car wash......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskJun 12th, 2020

Deutsche Bank criticised in internal N.Y. Fed audit: German newspaper

Deutsche Bank's regulators in the United States have criticised the German lender in an internal audit for weaknesses in fighting money laundering and in risk management, according to a German newspaper on Wednesday......»»

Category: topSource: reutersMay 13th, 2020

US Banking Regulator Suggests Federal Licensing Framework for Crypto Firms

Brian Brooks, now a US banking regulator, said creating a federal license for crypto startups might make more sense than subjecting them to 50 different state money transmitter approvals......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskMay 11th, 2020

Bitcoin News Roundup for March 27, 2020

A scam in the UK targets crypto while Venezuela's president is charged with money laundering. It's CoinDesk's Markets Daily podcast......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskMar 27th, 2020

Hawaii Hints It May Relax Onerous Rule to Lure Crypto Firms

Hawaiian regulators have launched a digital currency sandbox that waives the state’s infamous double-reserve requirement for participating crypto firms......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskMar 18th, 2020

Europe’s New AML Rules Made Crypto More Attractive to Institutions, Says Boerse Stuttgart Exec

Europe's fifth anti-money laundering directive seems to have increased institutional interest in crypto, says Ulli Spankowski, Boerse Stuttgart's chief digital officer......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskMar 10th, 2020

Hong Kong to Consider Additional FATF-Style Regulations for Crypto Exchanges

Hong Kong may soon bolster its policing of the cryptocurrency sector to better conform with international anti-money-laundering norms......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskFeb 27th, 2020

Officials Arrest US Resident for Allegedly Laundering Drug Proceeds With Crypto

A "large-scale" money laundering organization is allegedly using cryptocurrency to wash the proceeds from drug sales, according to a DEA agent's complaint......»»

Category: forexSource: coindeskFeb 20th, 2020