Eerie photos of an abandoned airport that hasn"t been touched in 25 years

Roman Robroek I recently visited Abkhazia, a .....»»

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Haunting photos of the "Forbidden City," an abandoned military base that hasn"t been used in 25 years

Roman Robroek The "Forbidden City" is a military base in eastern Germany that h.....»»

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Eerie photos of abandoned stores

Stores like Sears, Toys R Us, and Blockbuster have closed in the ongoing retail apocalypse. Here's what the abandoned shops look like......»»

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17 eerie photos of abandoned stores that have shuttered in the retail apocalypse

Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images Brick-and-mortar stores are clo.....»»

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Chilling photos of a hospital that"s been abandoned for 25 years

Roman Robroek The Beelitz Heilstätten hospital complex in Beelitz, Germany, has been abandoned for 25 years. The 121-year-old .....»»

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A 64-year-old who hasn"t touched his savings in 5 years of semi-retirement has 2 suggestions for anyone wanting to retire comfortably

Photo courtesy of James R. James R. has been semi-retired for five years. He lives on part-time income from an online teaching job, and hasn't had .....»»

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Peek inside SFO"s new Grand Hyatt, including its $1,100 a night presidential suite (photos)

The 351-room property is one of the largest additions to the Bay Area's hospitality supply in years, and will serve as the international airport's only on-site hotel......»»

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Strolling the Strip: How Brickell went from sleepy business district to bustling city center (Photos)

Ten years ago, Miami's Brickell was the neighborhood where local lawyers and bankers congregated in office buildings by day and quickly abandoned for buzzier locales by evening......»»

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Haunting photos reveal what nuclear-disaster ghost towns look like years after being abandoned

Kyodo News/Getty Images The Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 19.....»»

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Eerie photos of abandoned stores that time forgot

All these shops, malls and department stores have been derelict. Some have been left to rot after falling out of favour, while others are suffering after their entire customer base has left......»»

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A photographer travels around Europe capturing forgotten pianos in abandoned places — and his photos are eerily haunting

Courtesy of Romain Thiery Romain Thiery has always had two passions in life: pianos and photography. He spent the last four years bringing those two passions together, resulting in a series of photographs he calls "Requiem for Pianos." INSIDER spoke to.....»»

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These bleak photos shows what happens to swimming pools after they"ve been abandoned for years

REUTERS/Siegfried Modola   Swimming pools get abandoned becau.....»»

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Wellness hotel brand opens near Miami International Airport (Photos)

Even Hotel, an upscale wellness hotel brand owned by Intercontinental Hotels Group, has opened in Miami after three years of construction. Epelboim Development Group, led by Noel Epelboim, built the 190-room hotel at 3499 N.W. 25th St. Each room h.....»»

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Drawing up new designs

For Sam Rosenthal, working through the coronavirus pandemic has been an exercise in slow and steady. After all, Schooley Caldwell Inc. hasn’t made it 76 years by making rash decisions, said Rosenthal, the architecture firm’s president......»»

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Port of Seattle accelerates Sea-Tac Airport building expansion

The Port is moving ahead with the project now —despite the 90% drop in air travel — because the completion of the project is still several years out when passenger traffic is likely to return to normal levels......»»

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A photographer who spent years capturing photos of the small towns and remote destinations using Google Street View shares her tips for virtual travel during the coronavirus pandemic

Jacqui Kenny / Google Maps Back in 2016, photographer Jacqui Kenny logged into Google Street View fr.....»»

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Former Oak Park farmhouse to become apartments (PHOTOS)

About 130 years after it was built in what later became Sacramento's Oak Park neighborhood, a former ranch house at 4146 Broadway is getting a new life......»»

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Eerie photos of reopened malls reveal the new normal

It was an eerie scene at malls that have reopened amid some states' easing of stay-at-home orders. Many shoppers have opted to stay home......»»

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Alphabet"s Sidewalk Labs has abandoned its ambitious plan for a $900 million high-tech neighborhood in Toronto, following economic uncertainty and years of controversy (GOOG, GOOGL)

Sidewalk Labs Sidewalk Labs' ambitious $900 million plan to build a high-tech neighbourhood in Toronto has come to an end, as.....»»

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Eerie photos of reopened malls show thinned-out food courts, roped-off play areas, and masked shoppers

AP Photo/Eric Gay Malls are starting to reopen.....»»

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Silver Hasn"t Been This Cheap In 5,000 Years Of Human History

Silver Hasn't Been This Cheap In 5,000 Years Of Human History Authored by Simon Black via, More than 4,000 years ago, the city of Kanesh.....»»

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