Senate Banking Committee Remains Open to Idea of Digital Dollar in Tuesday’s Hearing

While not every lawmaker was on board with the idea of a central bank digital currency during a Senate Banking Committee hearing Tuesday, no one explicitly rejected it either......»»

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US Senate Floats ‘Digital Dollar’ Bill After House Scrubs Term From Coronavirus Relief Plan

A draft bill posted Tuesday to the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs defines a "digital dollar" and details how it might be maintained......»»

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Senate releases testimony of Facebook exec before Libra hearing Tuesday

Facebook Inc. executive Dave Marcus has some reassuring words for members of Congress on the company's maligned Libra digital currency. A day before he faces the Senate banking committee, Marcus' opening statement was released on Monday. I.....»»

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Witnesses Will Vouch for Stablecoins, Digital Dollars in US Senate Hearing Tuesday

Witnesses will discuss stablecoins and tokenized dollars during Tuesday's Senate Banking hearing on the digitization of money......»»

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Powell: U.S. entering second phase of economy reopening

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on Tuesday testified before the Senate Banking Committee and said that the U.S. economy appears to be entering the second phase of reopening assuming the virus remains under control......»»

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Circle CEO Allaire to Congress: Treat Crypto as a New Asset Class

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire calls for Congress to treat digital assets as their own asset class in testimony for Tuesday's Senate Banking hearing......»»

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Senate Banking Committee Sets Confirmation Hearing for Two Fed Nominations

The Senate Banking Committee will meet on May 15 to consider the nomination of Richard Clarida to become the Federal Reserve’s vice chairman, the panel said in a statement Tuesday......»»

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Fed Chairman Jerome Powell discounts the risks of a trade war, says economy remains strong

Joshua Roberts/Reuters Fed Chairman Jerome Powell appeared before the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday as part of his semi-annual t.....»»

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One new safety measure for Americans ready to fly again this July 4 weekend: More checkpoints open at security

During a media roundtable Senate Committee hearing this week, the TSA laid out new policies and procedures to reduce the potential of infectious transmission......»»

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Powell warns recession ‘has not fallen equally on all Americans,’ public health crisis will dictate recovery

Appearing before the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Tuesday morning, Powell offered the latest summary of the pandemic’s toll on the U.S. economy......»»

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The “Digital Dollar” Option Being Discussed By Congress

Today, the House Financial Services Committee will be holding a hearing to discuss the use of digital tools to improve the delivery of stimulus payments. Below are comments from Guy Hirsch, US Managing Director of eToro .....»»

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Capitol Report: Trump’s protest response undermines U.S. fight against China’s Hong Kong crackdown, Democrats say

The Senate Banking Committee held a hearing T.....»»

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Key Words: U.S. government is making ‘the most fundamental error we could make at this moment,’ warns Republican economist

“To focus on the budgetary impact at the expense of the economy is the most fundamental error we could make at this moment. I think we’re making it,” says Douglas Holtz-Eakin on Tuesday to the Senate Banking Committee......»»

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Powell, Mnuchin to face Senate grilling on U.S. coronavirus response

The U.S. government's handling of its massive economic response to the coronavirus pandemic will come under scrutiny on Tuesday as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell testify before the Senate Banking Committee......»»

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Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee to hold a virtual hearing

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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Senate Attacks Judy Shelton For Sin Of Being Outside The Mainstream

Senate Attacks Judy Shelton For Sin Of Being Outside The Mainstream Authored by Tho Bishop via The Mises Institute, Earlier this week, the Senate Banking Committee held a hearing for President Trump’s two most recent Federal Reserve no.....»»

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Judy Shelton tests Trump’s bid to remake the Federal Reserve

The president's controversial choice to join the central bank’s seven-member board is appearing before the Senate Banking Committee for a make-or-break confirmation hearing......»»

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SEC Chairman Tells Congress He"s "Optimistic" About Blockchain Opportunity

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton testified Tuesday before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. SEC Opti.....»»

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Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says Trump has approved reform plan for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Mnuchin appeared before the Senate Banking Committee Tuesday and refused to confirm that when asked then, but said he had since confirmed it......»»

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US Senator: ‘I Don’t Think You’ve Persuaded Anyone’ Crypto Creates Financial Inclusion

Sen. Brian Schatz (D.-HI) questioned the claim that blockchain spurs financial inclusion at Tuesday's Banking Committee hearing......»»

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Watch the Senate Banking Committee’s Crypto Regulation Hearing Live

The U.S. Senate Banking Committee is about to hold its hearing on regulation for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Here's how you can watch it......»»

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