The Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court hearings have finally shattered the illusion of civility in Congress

The filibuster for the Supreme Court is gone, the legislative filibuster is not far behind. Court packing is on the table. The old rules are dead. Senate Majority Leade.....»»

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Amy Coney Barrett wouldn"t tell America where she stands on vital issues, so GOP senators did it for her

Republicans were set on confirming Barrett before the hearings even started, placing her in a perfect position to evade questions. Supreme Court nominee Judg.....»»

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Republican Senator John Kennedy asks Amy Coney Barrett "who does the laundry in your house" during Supreme Court hearings

Journalists and others responded by asking whether the same entirely irrelevant question would be asked of a male nominee. Judge Amy Coney Barrett at her confirmation hearing o.....»»

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Kamala Harris says it"s "reckless" to hold Supreme Court hearings during a pandemic

Harris also criticized Republicans, saying they are prioritizing pushing through Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation over a coronavirus stimulus package. Sen. Kamala Harris calls in to the Senate Ju.....»»

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At Union Terminal, Biden blasts Republicans for holding Supreme Court hearings without new coronavirus bill

On the day the U.S. Senate began hearings over the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court, former Vice President Joe Biden blasted Republicans for not prioritizing a new coronavirus relief package in a speech at Union .....»»

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Judge Amy Coney Barrett Faces First Day Of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Faces First Day Of Supreme.....»»

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Amy Klobuchar rips hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett as a "sham" and urges Americans to call their senators

"This isn't Donald Trump's country, it is yours," Klobuchar said. "This shouldn't be Donald Trump's judge, it should be yours." U.....»»

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How to watch Amy Coney Barrett"s confirmation hearings to the US Supreme Court

Members of the Judiciary Committee are giving opening statements on October 12 followed by individual questioning from members. U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy.....»»

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Watch Live: Judge Amy Coney Barrett Faces First Day Of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Watch Live: Judge Amy Coney Barrett Faces First Day Of Supre.....»»

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Capitol Report: When are the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett?

Confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett are set to kick off Monday, in what promises to be an intense Washington spectacle just three weeks before Election Day......»»

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Senate COVID-19 cases make Supreme Court hearings dangerous, Schumer says

A virtual Senate hearing would rob Senators of the chance to question Amy Coney Barrett fa.....»»

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Senate will reportedly begin hearings to confirm Trump"s Supreme Court pick on October 12

The President is expected to name Judge Amy Coney Barrett, an anti-abortion conservative, to the court later Saturday. Amy Coney Barrett has served on.....»»

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: Senate Republicans advance Barrett Supreme Court nomination amid Democratic boycott

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve Judge Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court, overcoming a decision by Democrats to boycott the vote, setting the stage for the full Senate to vote on her confirmation on Monday......»»

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Mitch McConnell reportedly told the White House to refrain from striking a stimulus deal before the election

McConnell said he thought a stimulus agreement would complicate the GOP's efforts to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Alex Wong/Getty Images McConnell has reportedl.....»»

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Photos show thousands joining the Women"s March in DC to protest Amy Coney Barrett"s Supreme Court nomination

Organizers projected that over 116,000 people would attend one of the at least 429 demonstrations happening across the country on Saturday. A woman at the Women's March on Oct.....»»

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: Amy Coney Barrett says ‘politically controversial’ climate change is still a matter of public debate

Man-made climate change is a controversial topic still up for public debate and so off limits, Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett said during her nomination hearing......»»

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Amy Coney Barrett refuses to say whether she agrees with the Supreme Court"s decisions legalizing birth control and same-sex marriage

Other recent conservative Supreme Court nominees have said they agree with the decision to legalize access to birth control. Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Co.....»»

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Amy Coney Barrett sidestepped Kamala Harris" question on whether she was aware Trump wanted to nominate a Supreme Court justice who would strike down Obamacare

"I .....»»

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Amy Coney Barrett won"t say if presidents should commit to a peaceful transfer of power and if they can pardon themselves

Trump has refused to commit to a peaceful transition if he loses the election, and in the past said he has the "absolute right" to pardon himself. Supreme Court .....»»

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Amy Coney Barrett"s nomination hearing is underway. Here are some of the most contentious Supreme Court nominations in US history

The past 50 years have seen bitter fights over an increasingl.....»»

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Amy Coney Barrett said she wept with her daughter over George Floyd"s death, but won"t say whether racism is "systemic"

Barrett during her confirmation hearing on Tuesday said "racism persists" in the US, but said that whether it's "systemic" is a policy question. Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Ba.....»»

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