The billionaire"s social calendar: The must-attend events for the world"s wealthiest business icons

For people who can afford anything, billionaires keep it pretty predictable. Here are.....»»

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Trump Media & Technology Group Reports Over $300M Loss In First Earnings Since Going Public: Truth Social Parent "Remains Focused On Long-Term Product Development"

For the three months ending Mar. 31, the company posted a loss of $327.6 million, which included $311 million in non-cash expenses related to its merger with Digital World, a company created specifically to merge with a target business. read more.....»»

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During stressful events and times, a feeling of control is key to your employees

Right now, in America and across the world, every business leader has one thing on their mind: “How can I keep my staff focused and productive during one of the most stressful periods in history?” Your business might be afflicted with ch.....»»

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Keep Your Business Running With Virtual Open Houses

Agents have always been innovators, but with recent events, they’ve had to find even more new ways to conduct business. With social distancing guidelines and regulations set in place by local governments, one thing that has taken a hit in th.....»»

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Get Growing: Host a virtual event your stakeholders want to attend

Succeeding as a business owner during our current circumstances means adapting and embracing the change. Through audience-focused preparation and careful planning, you can use engaging virtual events as a tool to market your business and help you st.....»»

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Venues across South Florida brace for possible rush of rescheduled events in second half of 2020

Graduations and high school proms are lost business for this year, but social events like weddings are still on the books......»»

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Apple Mastered the Product Launch. Then a Pandemic Hit

Apple has long been known for its high-profile events. In a world of social distancing, the company is showing how to still delight your customers......»»

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‘Sharing’ businesses — Uber, Lyft, Airbnb — suffer in era of social distancing

Companies whose business models bank on people’s willingness to share their personal space are struggling in a world where the coronavirus pandemi.....»»

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UBS: World"s wealthiest are sticking with stocks despite crisis

Almost half of the world's wealthy investors and business owners expect to maintain their stock portfolio at the same level for the next six months, according to a study by UBS......»»

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Is Africa the answer to the world"s growing food insecurity problems?

Feeding an ever growing population is both a social challenge and a business opportunity. CNN's Eleni Giokos sat down with Karim Lotfi Senhadji of OCP Africa to talk about how he thinks Africa can maximize its agricultural potential......»»

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Melinda Gates: This is not a once-in-a-century pandemic. "We will absolutely have more of these." The billionaire philanthropist predicts a timeline for going back to normal.

Business Insider Business Insider spoke with Melinda Gates about COVID-19, the prospect and timeline of making an effective vaccine, and how the world will be permanently changed by the coronavirus. Gates said it would likely take.....»»

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Business Magnate Caribbean Luxury Yacht Self-Isolation Highly Criticized On Social Media

Self-isolating aboard his luxury yacht in the Caribbean, billionaire David Geffen has attracted social media outrage. Geffen is a noted Hollywood producer and the founder of DreamWorks studios. read more.....»»

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If Christian Siriano can sew 500 masks a day, why can"t Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, find a way to have masks made for his warehouse workers?

Reuters/Clodagh Kilcoyne Amazon is an indisputably essential business right now, delivering necessary supplies as the world shutters inside for social distancing. Amazon warehouses are under increased scrutiny as work.....»»

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Jonathan Aberman: Our policies must address a new business world order post-coronavirus

The last time the United States experienced a social and financial crisis on the scale of the present coronavirus crisis was during the Great Depression of the 1930s. It’s only natural for people to look back to that experience and apply the “le.....»»

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Ghost town: Downtown Raleigh nearly empty as people stay home (Photos)

The new world of social distancing has left downtown Raleigh feeling like a ghost town. As more and more people work from home, and restaurants and bars struggle to stay open amid restrictions on business, the storefronts, offices and sidewalks of Rale.....»»

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Apple closing stores; Harkins, other theaters reduce ticket sales

It started with sporting events and is spreading to the U.S. hotel and resort industry. Now retail is the latest sector to make adjustments as the business world reacts to curtail the spread of the coronavirus. Harkins Theatres President and CEO M.....»»

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Restaurants cope with sudden drop in business

Restaurants across the nation are finding that a sudden shutdown on business travel is taking its toll on their businesses. Conventions are postponed, workers are staying home and people are curtailing social events as the coronavirus outbreak continue.....»»

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Steven Spielberg is one of the wealthiest filmmakers in the world. Take a look at what the billionaire"s life is really like, from his $184 million yacht to his 28-year marriage.

AP Images American filmmaker Steven Spielberg is one of the most celebrated figures in Hollywood. He's directed and produced more tha.....»»

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Coronavirus wrecks markets, business plans, and conferences as panic worsens

The spread of the new coronavirus around the world is hitting companies hard as they suspend production, meetings, events and business travel......»»

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Social Media: A Powerful Tool for the Real Estate Business

In today’s digital world, it&#.....»»

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I partied after-hours in the Whitney Museum at one of the buzziest events on the New York City social calendar — here"s what it was like

Tiffany Sage / On Tuesday night, the Whitney Museum of American Art hosted its annual star-studded Art Party fundraiser. Guests included actresses Katie Holmes and Julia Fox, fashion inf.....»»

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