These 25 Cities Have Grown the Most Since 2000

The U.S. population has grown significantly since 2000, from 281.4 million to just over 321 million, a 39.6 million increase, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.  To........»»

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These towns and cities are contributing the most to Central Florida"s population boom

The City Beautiful now ranks as the fourth-largest city in Florida, according to the newest set of U.S. Census Bureau population estimates. But have other cities and towns in the suburbs grown at a faster pace? The short answer: yes. Since the 2010 Cens.....»»

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Home values in these cities have grown the most since the last recession

Home prices reached their lowest point in 2012 following the Great Recession. Many Americans who purchased homes during this time now are reaping the rewards. Here are five cities where home prices have increased in value since the last recession......»»

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Fastest-growing cities of the decade

The United States has gained more than 18 million residents since 2010. Stacker has consulted the U.S. Census Bureau to learn which cities have grown the fastest in the last decade......»»

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These 25 Cities Have Grown the Most Since 2010

The U.S. population has grown significantly since 2010, from 308 million to just over 321 million, a 13 million increase, or a 4% increase, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community........»»

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Cities Where People Live the Longest in the Same Home

Roughly 14% of the American population packs up and moves each year. The result of this is that 71% of households today have moved into their current homes or apartments since the year 2000 and over........»»

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California settles decades-long lawsuit over lead paint, but outcome is bittersweet

When Californian counties and cities first sued paint makers in 2000, they wanted the companies to pay billions to remove dangerous old lead paint from hundreds of thousands of homes......»»

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No, it’s not just you, New Yorkers and San Franciscans: Urban housing markets all over the world have grown way too expensive

A seminar sponsored by the Dutch central bank aimed to understand why cities are so expensive and challenging for people who want to live there. A new paper summarizes the findings......»»

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This Retirement Town Is the Fastest Growing City in America

The U.S. Census Bureau has just released its data on the growth in the population of America’s cities and counties. Only one city has grown over 30% over the period measured. It is a city known........»»

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In some cities, the cost of selling a home can hit $76,000

These costs — both hidden and expected — have grown in lock-step with rising home prices......»»

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Students in ASU’s real estate master’s program learn in living laboratory environment

Over the past eight decades, few American cities have grown as fast or as much as Phoenix, according to U.S. census data. In 1940, the city was home to only 65,000 people. Ten years later, Phoenix barely cracked the top 100 in U.S. population at 107.....»»

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Best and Worst Cities to Ride a Bike

An increasing number of Americans are leaving their cars at home and turning to their bicycles to get around. According to the League of American Bicyclists, from 2000 to 2013, the rate of people........»»

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The Wall Street Journal: Hiring not so great in steel cities after Trump unveils tariffs

Employment in each of America’s top 10 steel cities has grown slower than the rate of growth for the U.S. as a whole since President Donald Trump announced plans to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports earlier this year......»»

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400 Murders a Day: The Crisis of Latin America

Riven by drugs, gangs, weak institutions and lawlessness, the region has become the most murderous on Earth. It accounts 8% of the world’s population but a third of its murders, and is the only region where lethal violence has grown steadily since 2000......»»

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Latin America Is the Murder Capital of the World

Riven by drugs, gangs, weak institutions and lawlessness, the region accounts 8% of the world’s population but a third of its murders. It’s the only region where lethal violence has grown steadily since 2000......»»

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2018 CFO of the Year: Brian Mower, Medibio

When Brian Mower joined Medibio, the company had just two employees: himself and the CEO. It’s since grown to a staff of 40, moved its headquarters from Australia to the Twin Cities, pulled off its first-ever acquisition and moved ahead with cleari.....»»

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Target commits $10 million to support social justice, rebuilding

Target Corp. said Friday the company is committing $10 million to support the National Urban League and the African American Leadership Forum. Target (NYSE: TGT) is planning on adding additional partners in the Twin Cities and beyond to in.....»»

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The protests may have ended the coronavirus lockdowns permanently

REUTERS/Christian Hartmann Protests against racism and police brutality continue to happen daily, often in cities that are still under some form of coronavirus-rel.....»»

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How Covid-19 is adding to a coastal executive exodus: "You’re looking at other states where people are out enjoying life"

Nashville has welcomed a number of company headquarter moves from the East and West coasts in recent years, such as AllianceBernstein and Mitsubishi Motors, but it's not just corporations that are fleeing the big cities for middle America. “.....»»

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Here"s a quick and easy explainer of all the drama at The New York Times, after employees condemned the publishing of a US senator"s controversial Op-Ed (NYT)

Dmitry Brizhatyuk/Shutterstock This week, The New York Times published an opinion piece by Republican Senator Tom Cotton titled Send In The Troops. The op-ed called for the US Army to be deployed across cities to stop protest.....»»

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Trump and the threat of the military in US cities has made the Third Amendment suddenly relevant. Here"s what it means.

Reuters The huge presence of the National Guard in Washington, DC, amid protests over police brutality has sparked discussions of the Third Amendment to the US Constitution.  The Third Amen.....»»

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