Twitter says it has reversed its "incorrect" decision to lock Rep. Lauren Boebert"s account

Twitter told Insider it was "incorrect" to lock Boebert's account, though a company spokesperson declined to clarify wh.....»»

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Venture capitalists are condemning "domestic terrorists" for storming the Capitol and urge Jack Dorsey to lock Trump"s Twitter account

Venture capitalists are decrying the violence unfolding on Capitol Hill in tweets. Some say social media giants like .....»»

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Stephen King Quits Facebook Over Political Ads And Security Concerns Controversy

The famous horror author Stephen King announced his decision to delete his Facebook account. King is an active social media user with 5.6 million followers on Twitter. 0 read more.....»»

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Twitter is locking accounts posing as Elon Musk in an effort to fight cryptocurrency scams

AP Twitter will now automatically lock any non-verified account which changes its display name to Elon Musk. This is an effort to combat a recent proliferation of cryptocurrency sc.....»»

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A Columbia man was charged with threatening to "explode the IRS" building and kill Nancy Pelosi

Citing an affidavit, a January 15 tweet from a Twitter account named "@BonaFried" read: ""I am going to explode the IR.....»»

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Twitter Locks China"s US Embassy Account After Uighur "Baby-Making Machines" Tweet

Twitter Locks China"s US Embassy Account After Uighur "Baby-Making Machines" Tweet.....»»

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Twitter locked the account of China"s US embassy over a post that called Uighur women "baby-making machines"

The embassy had claimed that Uighur Musl.....»»

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Twitter Locks China Embassy"s Account Over Tweet On Uighur Women

Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) said that it had locked the account of China’s embassy in the United States over a tweet about Uighur women, read more.....»»

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Joe Biden and his administration have officially taken over the presidential Twitter accounts, and he just posted his first tweet from @POTUS

President Biden has officially taken ownership of the @POTUS account after being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Joe Biden (L), flanked by incoming US F.....»»

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President Joe Biden just inherited the @POTUS Twitter handle - but he didn"t get its more than 33 million followers

This will be the second time the @POTUS Twitter account will pass to a new president......»»

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@POTUS account on Twitter transitioned to President Joe Biden

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit or the quote page for more information about this breaking news......»»

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Biden takes over POTUS Twitter account, inheriting a blank slate from Trump

President-elect Joe Biden’s administration will take over the official White House social media accounts Wednesday. But Twitter won’t transfer followers, unlike with the previous administration......»»

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: When does Joe Biden get control of the @POTUS Twitter account? A look at the presidential Twitter transition

Control over the @POTUS Twitter account will also begin the day of Joe Biden's inauguration.....»»

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Tesla wants to hire somebody to help Elon Musk handle Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known for addressing customer concerns on his Twitter account, but Tesla's hiring someone to take a bit of that responsibility. .....»»

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Gab, the social-media platform booming on the far-right, has posted direct QAnon quotes on Twitter

The corporate Twitter account for Gab, a social-media platform similar .....»»

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How Twitter, on the front lines of history, finally decided to ban Trump

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey agreed to ban Donald Trump from Twitter after tearful all-hands meetings, bitter dialogues, and employee pushback, knowing that this would be the biggest decision his company had ever faced......»»

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YouTube locks Trump’s official account

The Google-owned site’s decision to cut President Trump off from the site follows decisions by other social media giants to restrict Trump on their platforms......»»

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Aides had to convince Trump not to go to the impeachment vote in person to defend himself, report says

Deprived of his Twitter account, President Donald Trump is said .....»»

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Aides had to convince Trump not to go the impeachment vote in person to defend himself, report says

Deprived of his Twitter account, President Trump had be talked out of showing up to defend himself in person at the impeachment vote. A TV in th.....»»

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the Trump ban reflected ‘a failure’ to police online discourse

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explained in a tweetstorm that he did not feel pride in the decision, and that the company faced an "extraordinary and untenable circumstance.".....»»

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Jack Dorsey breaks his silence on Twitter"s decision to ban Trump after Capitol riots

"I do not celebrate or feel pride in our having to ban @realDonaldTrump," Dorsey said in a Twitter rant on the current status of social media. Burhaan Kinu/H.....»»

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