Why people wept as Notre Dame Cathedral burned

For good reason, onlookers wept Monday as they.....»»

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Tribune’s architecture critic on the gut-wrenching sight of flames engulfing Notre Dame Cathedral

For good reason, onlookers wept Monday as they.....»»

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The Notre Dame Cathedral fire is destroying centuries’ worth of history

Almost 13 million people visit the 850-year-old cathedral and its sacred relics each year......»»

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"It Is Not Out Of Danger": Only 50% Chance Notre Dame Cathedral Survives, Rector Says

"It Is Not Out Of Danger": Only 50% Chance Notre Dame Cathedral Survives, R.....»»

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A former far-right political candidate who believed a conspiracy theory about the Notre Dame fire tried burning down a French mosque as "revenge"

PATRICK ANIDJAR/AFP/Getty Images Notre-Dame Cathedral was ablaze in April, and investigators identifie.....»»

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What if Birmingham lost its Notre Dame Cathedral?

There was an outpouring of grief in Paris last April when the world almost lost the famed Notre Dame Cathedral. Since then, there has been plenty of finger pointing over the cause of the disaster in Paris. Increasingly, a stark realization settled.....»»

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Gensler’s temporary Pavilion Notre-Dame uses charred timber as its primary building material

Gensler has recently unveiled the design for the Pavilion Notre-Dame, which will provide a temporary place of worship in Parvis Square while the Notre-Dame Cathedral is being restored from the fire that nearly destroyed it just over 100 days ago......»»

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"I"m Very Worried" - Chief Architect Fears Heatwave Will Collapse Notre Dame Roof

As if the Cathedral of Notre Dame hasn't already been through enough this year. The latest heat wave to ravage Europe could also cause the fire-ravaged roof of Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral to collapse entirely, France’s chief architect of.....»»

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The French Senate doesn’t want your Notre Dame restoration ideas

Don’t expect to see the roof of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral adorned with an infinity pool or a greenhouse filled with exotic plants in the near future......»»

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In Turkey, Many Celebrated As Notre Dame Burned


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Weeping For Notre Dame... & European Civilization

Authored by Guillaume Durocher via The Unz Review, The recent fire which destroyed much of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris has led to a great outpouring of emotion. Social media were also ablaze and the government was quickly able .....»»

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Cemex says will contribute to reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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Notre Dame"s age, design fueled fire and foiled firefighters

Is there anything firefighters could have done to control the blaze that tore through Paris' historic Notre Dame Cathedral sooner? Experts say the combination of a structure that's more than 850... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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1 World Trade Center lighting to honor Notre Dame

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has directed that One World Trade Center's spire be lighted in the colors of the French flag in solidarity with the people of . Cuomo says the lighting on Tuesday... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Why Gucci and Dior Want to Rebuild Notre Dame

It’s no accident that LVMH and Kering led the way for donations to salvage the cathedral......»»

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Worth the risk? It"s not easy to put a value on a cathedral

Rebuilding Notre Dame, the 800-year-old Paris cathedral devastated by fire this week, will cost billions of dollars as architects, historians and artisans work to preserve the medieval landmark......»»

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The Notre Dame fire brings $1.9 million windfall to Baptist churches burned in suspected hate crimes

Hillary Clinton and others asked Americans moved by the Notre Dame fire to donate to Louisiana churches......»»

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France to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral

French president Emmanual Macron has said he wants the Notre Dame Cathedral to be rebuilt within five years, according to the Washington Post......»»

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Lockdown: Notre Dame"s neighborhood isolated since fire

The neighborhood around Notre Dame Cathedral is usually buzzing with tourists all year......»»

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How robots helped the French save Notre Dame Cathedral

Drones and a firefighting robot named Colossus help extinguish the dramatic bl.....»»

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Air France KLM offering free flights to Paris for those helping rebuild Notre Dame

After a massive fire tore across the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France thousands have reached out to help rebuil.....»»

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