Wisconsin election officials say Trump observers are obstructing the recount and interrupting vote counters

At least one Trump observer was escorted out of the building by sheriff's deputies Saturday after pushing an electio.....»»

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The Trump campaign"s new lawsuit would invalidate 221,000 Wisconsin ballots — including votes cast by mail because of the coronavirus pandemic

The lawsuit would also invalidate the vote of Trump's top election lawyer in Wisconsin, who said he voted illegally. Preside.....»»

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Capitol Report: Arizona certifies election win for Biden; Wisconsin to follow, further narrowing Trump prospects

Arizona certified President-elect Joe Biden as the winner of the state's 11 electoral votes Monday afternoon, while Wisconsin is set to do the same later in the day following a recount that increased Biden's lead in the state by 87 votes to 20,695......»»

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Trump spent $3 million for a vote recount in Wisconsin"s largest county to support his baseless claim of ballot fraud but lost by even more than initially thought

The recount in Milwaukee county showed Biden made a net gain of 132 votes. Trump has continu.....»»

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The Trump campaign dropped a major part of its election lawsuit regarding their claims that observers were not allowed to watch vote counts in Pennsylvania

The change drastically reduces the campaign's chances of changing the state's election results in favor Trump, The Washington Post reported. Election workers count ballots on N.....»»

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There were scuffles when public health officials arrived to close down a Trump rally in Milwaukee for breaching coronavirus rule

1,000 Trump supporters gathered outside the city's Serb Hall, Milwaukee, on Saturday, demanding a recount of the state's presidential election votes. A supporter of President Trump waves fl.....»»

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Trump"s big new election lawsuit alleges voter fraud potentially happened in 2 Pennsylvania counties. Both overwhelmingly voted for him.

The news articles cited by the lawsuit point out that election officials were already addressing the irregularities before Election Day. President Donald Trump. Getty The Trump campaign's new major lawsuit in Pennsylvania alleges that vote.....»»

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Where The Vote Stands: Trump Demands Wisconsin Recount As Michigan Reviews Votes On "Skewed Results"; Susan Collins Wins

Where The Vote Stands: Trump Demands Wisconsin Recount As Michigan Review.....»»

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Where The Vote Stands: Trump Demands Wisconsin Recount As Michigan Reviews Votes On "Skewed Results"

Where The Vote Stands: Trump Demands Wisconsin Recount As Michigan Reviews Votes On "S.....»»

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Pennsylvania and Wisconsin governors attack Trump after he baselessly claimed victory and suggested that election officials should stop counting votes


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Trump campaign files lawsuit requesting Nevada court to block election officials from counting early votes

A Carson City judge denied the request for a temporary restraining order to stop ballot-counting but scheduled an evidentiary hearing for next week. Vote stickers are seen at a satellite .....»»

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USPS close to settlement with 19 states on election mail, service delays, sources say

State officials hope an agreement will act as a firewall against challenges from President Trump on the legitimacy of vote by mail......»»

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Trump supporters staged a rally at a Virginia polling center during early voting, intimidating voters, election officials say

An election official said that vote.....»»

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All the ex-Trump officials who have publicly vowed not to vote for him in November

Some former Trump employees have launched political initiative groups to sway independent, undecided, and moderate Republican voters. President Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally at Central Wisconsin Airport on Sep.....»»

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LIVE UPDATES: Wisconsin will still hold April 7 election, Cuomo hits back at Trump

Brendan McDermid/Reuters We'll keep this page updated with the biggest coronavirus headlines of the day. Check back for updates.  Here's the latest: Wisconsin officials are moving full-speed-ahead with the state's .....»»

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President Trump Warns Big Oil Not to Vote for Democrats

$USO, $OIL, $BP White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said President Trump recently warned Big Oil officials that they had better hope he wins re-election as the Democrats wage a war against.....»»

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In Florida Senate Recount Lawsuit, Judge Says No Sign of Vote Fraud by Election Officials

But three sheriff's deputies will watch Broward County election offices after hours. A judge hearing a lawsuit over the Florida Senate recount already underway said there was no evidence that election officials or workers had eng.....»»

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As recount politics heat up, two Florida election officials are the targets of online harassment

Several pro-Trump Facebook p.....»»

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A failed GOP House candidate said Sidney Powell listed him as a plaintiff without permission in a lawsuit to overturn the election

Derrick Van Orden said he is "not involved" in the former Trump campaign lawyer's lawsuit, which is trying to overturn Wisconsin's election result. Members.....»»

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A pro-Trump nonprofit hit back at the venture capitalist donor who gave $2.5 million to uncover election fraud then demanded it back

Fred Eshelman filed a lawsuit against True the Vote, claiming it failed to find evidence of voter fraud in the presidential election as promised. .....»»

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The Republican Secretary of State for Georgia says Trump "should leave quietly" after state"s election recount confirmed Biden"s win

Brad Raffensperger said he made sure "we have fair and honest elections, follow the.....»»

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