Leading Japanese Firms Plan Digital Transformation

Japan’s la.....»»

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How Travel App Blacklane Adapted to a Post-Corona World

Based in Berlin, and with hubs located in major cities across Australia, the U.S. and UAE, chauffeur app Blacklane is one of the transport industry’s biggest success stori.....»»

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CES Asia Canceled Amid COVID and Failing US Relations

CES Asia, the Asian leg of the influential American tech conference, has been axed as China-US tensions rise.....»»

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LogDNA lands $25 Million in Series C Funding, Replaces CEO

Silicon Valley startup LogDNA has announced a raise of $25 million in investment in their latest round of funding. Alongsid.....»»

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TikTok vs. Facebook: Could the U.S. Really Ban TikTok?

With over 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok’s growth since its $1 billion rebrand of in 2018 — a number thought to have been bolstered by the coronavirus pandemic — has… The post TikTok vs. Facebook: Could the U.S. Really Ban T.....»»

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LogDNA lands $25 Million in Series C Funding, Replaces SEO

Silicon Valley startup LogDNA has announced a raise of $25 million in investment in their latest round of funding. Alongsid.....»»

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Portshift CEO Ran Ilany: “Kubernetes will Become the De Facto Deployment and Orchestration Target”

Portshift is a Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity firm that provides a Kubernetes-native security solution – “a single source of truth.....»»

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India’s China Ban is a Come-Get-Me for Europe and the US

This week India’s government decided to ban 59 China-based apps, including popular social media platform TikTok. Based on national security fears, it’s the largest-ever ban of Chinese tech by a.....»»

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Israeli Startup Syqe Proves Microdosing Cannabis Relieves Pain Without Side Effects

Research conducted by Israeli startup Syqe Medical shows that extremely low doses of the psychoactive constituent THC relieve pain without side effects common to cannabis. The clinical trial’s results were re.....»»

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X Shore’s Konrad Bergström: “There is Scope for Positive Impact”

Konrad Bergström is president and founder of X Shore, a Swedish startup building 100% electric-powered boats. A longtime entrepreneur and extreme sports professional, Bergström broke into the tech scene with his previo.....»»

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Germany’s Corona Warn App: How Effective is the Country’s Corona-Battler?

It’s been a little under a fortnight since the German government launched its .....»»

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As Belarus’ Dictator Flails, a Tech Leader Waits

It’s an election year in Belarus, “Europe’s Last Dictatorship,” which means: propaganda, police violence, and political repression. On Thursday Victor Babaryko, the biggest challenger to incumbent A.....»»

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SQream Closes $40m Funding Round

Data analytics platform SQream has closed a $39.4 million Series B funding round, as it bi.....»»

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Amazon Launches $2bn CleanTech Fund

Amazon has launched a $2 billion venture capital fund aimed at supporting companies working to combat climate change. The Climate Pl.....»»

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Munich’s Kaia Health Wins $26m Series B Round

Kaia Health, a German startup claiming to “change how digital therapy is designed, deployed and experienced” has secur.....»»

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Coronavirus Changing Tech’s Values on Remote Working – Report

A new report has shown that tech workers’ willingness to work from home has changed indelibly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hired‘s State Of Salaries .....»»

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AI in the Age of #BlackLivesMatter: Reckoning or PR Stunt?

George Flo.....»»

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Renewables Intelligence Startup ENIAN Wins $1.5m Funding Round

The London-based start.....»»

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AI Dental Tech Overjet Secures $7.85m Seed Round

Boston-based AI startup Overjet, which uses tech to help untangle dental sca.....»»

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Zuckerberg Faces Staff Anger, as Black Lives Matter Protests Continue Across America

Protests against racial injustice continue to march through cities in America and abroad. Four police officers complicit in the death of George Floyd are appearing in court. Workers are erecting tall fences… The post Zuckerberg Faces Staff Ange.....»»

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